Windows os Vs. Mac os

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<ul><li> 1. Windows OSVs.Mac OSCOMPARISON BETWEEN WINDOWS OS AND MAC OS"THERE WONT BE ANYTHING WE WONT SAY TOPEOPLE TO TRY AND CONVINCE THEM THAT OURWAY IS THE WAY TO GO. BILL GATESONE LITTLE GEM RECENTLY DISCOVERED IS ANEW SECTION IN THE FINDER CALLED ALL MYFILES. STEVE JOBS</li></ul> <p> 2. Home Page About, about . Advantages &amp; disadvantages of . Advantages &amp; disadvantages of . or what shall you take? 3. About Windows OS What is Windows OS? Who Started Windows? When did Windows start? List of OS made by them. 4. About Mac OS X What is Mac OS? Who started Mac OS? When did Mac OS start? List of OS made by them. Steve Jobs death. 5. Adv. &amp; Dis. of Windows OSAdvantages Disadvantages Not Reliable. Not Secure. No Digital Divide. Compatible 6. Adv. &amp; Dis. of Mac OSAdvantagesDisadvantages Reliable. Security. Digital Divide. Not Compatible 7. Shall I buyWindows orMac for; Everyday Use. School. Office Work. Graphic Design. Movie Making. Windows OS or MAC OS 8. ConclusionWe cant say which is better Mac OS or WindowsOS,each onehave its advantages anddisadvantages, depending on the use of the computerwe can say thatthis OS is better than that. </p>