Wild food and HCI (Human Computer Interaction)

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Chamberlain, A & Griffiths, C. (2013) Wild Food Practices: understanding the wider implications for design and HCI, Green Food Technology: Ubicomp opportunities for reducing the environmental impacts of food workshop, Ubicomp 2013, Zurich, Switzerland, ACM Press. Pages: 575-584 doi>10.1145/2494091.2497314 URL - http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=2497314


  • 1. #Ubicomp13 Wild Food Practices Alan Chamberlain & Chloe Griffiths

2. Setting the Context 3. Preparing for the Hunt Equipment Important Picking for purpose Having a plan understanding the environment and landscape 4. Discovery and Harvesting Whos been here My Sites Timing Dont harvest too many Quality 5. Preparation and Processing 6. Cooking 7. Localised Environmental Knowledge Secrecy Locations not discussed Environmental concerns How many, how hot, dry, mozzies, sightings, caught Time when ready Concerns over over picking Where Other species 8. Eating and Reflection 9. Supporting Sharing ID Learning Culture Environment Sales - Provenance Rural - Urban 10. contact us Alan.Chamberlain@nottingham.ac.uk This work was supported by the Research Councils UK (RCUK)


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