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Digi-Pack Research White Lies

White lies to lose my life

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Digi-Pack Research

White Lies

White Lies : To Lose My Life

The background seems to show this deserted area, leading to the thought this would be a place were someone could lose their life. Linking to the album name.

The colour scheme on this album is black and white adding to this dark f=and depressing feel this album seems to resent. As the songs on it present a depressing time in someones lives.

Front cover

The bands name is clear and can be seen to link with this idea that the band members might have been involved in white lies.

Back Cover

Once again the colour scheme is black and white showing the simplicity and the dark mood, where the songs on the album should be focused on rather the presentation.

The text is seen very clear and have been spaced out to show a different style they want to be indpependant.

Cd Itself

Stuck with the same colour scheme througout black and white relating to the front and back cover.

They have also chose to show all the track listings therefore giving us this thought again they are focused more on the actual music than the presentation.