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  • 1. SAs Pop stat of 50, 586 767+2% growth per year Youth Unemployment(15-24) 48.2% Lifestyle costs-Education-Food (R95,183 per yr averagehousehold spend in SA) Key Agriculture challenges-Land Reform-DroughtChallenges facing SA

2. Background WYPWYP was created out of aHackathon / tradetransparency initiativesponsored by the DFID &RLabs 3. Profile of WYP 4. Competition 5. 29mil Mobile users in SA 8.5mil internet users 9.3mil Mxit users There are many Price checking apps on themarket(android & non featured) Social Responsibility/Enterprise/Educational Few downloadable content/social sharing What is our unique offering? MVP revisited Added BOOstersWhy WYP is not cant just beprice checking device(viability) 6. Testing WYPinnovation 7. Perceived Competitors Long-term Revenue streamsFeasibilityB2B B2C C2B C2CDesirabilityMaking app attractive anduser friendly across allplatformsAn interdependent, New Market! 8. Mobile App WebsiteMxit Clear calls to actions Team Mascot Comment on pricing within specifiedparameters Food/Fashion/Tech/Airtime Access Mula to purchase special dealswithin listed categories Responsible trade of goods(*imei/serial no) Bigger saves on group purchases (*Tagfriends into deals) Listed as a local Buyer/Seller(*betterterms) Educational feature video contentexplaining complicated interest terms A budgeting tool to work out Interestpaid Gameification, reward buttons fortracking purchases Social Sharing Educational content Allowing user to make informeddecisions on spending(*unsecured debt) Enhanced logo design & mascot Social sharing*Facebook ,Twitter, Google+ Updates on industry related events &other social enterprises Groupon purchases for Deals Google Adwords/Analytics SEM SEO Infographic tool to illustrate spendingpatterns over a periodIterations 9. Payoffs for the User Payoffs for WYP Payoffs for Business sector Payoffs for the EnvironmentValue added throughWYP