Webinar: Is a Ready-to-Go Intranet Right for You?

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<p>Portal_solutions_Corporate_Overview_11122014</p> <p>Is A Ready-To-Go Intranet Right For You?OneWindow Solution Overview </p> <p>#Share, Empower, Succeed1Poll Question #1</p> <p>What collaboration platform are you currently using?#Share, Empower, SucceedDaniel Cohen-Dumani@dcohendumaniSharePoint VisionaryFounder and CEO14+ years in SharePoint ExpertiseInterests: productivity in the Digital Workplace. Work 2.0Started working with SharePoint when nobody could spell itAbout Me</p> <p>#Share, Empower, SucceedAdam Edit3Rick Hinton@rfhintonVP Sales and Solutions8+ years in Collaborative SystemsInterests: digital workplace, future of work, employee engagement. Design thinking and User experience design to solve problems. Next Adventure: Harry Potter Land at Universal StudiosAbout Me</p> <p>#Share, Empower, Succeed4AgendaFraming The ChallengeIntranet EssentialsIntroducing OneWindow WorkplaceHow To Get Started5#Share, Empower, Succeed</p> <p>6</p> <p>5Quick-Find Panel16The Collapsible Quick-Find Panel allows the user to quickly access, regardless of page they are on, content specific to their jobs. Access My Communities to go directly to existing community sites or create a new one. Access My Projects to go directly to current projects.Access My Tasks to view the most recent tasks. Access My Recent Documents to view most recent docs. Access My Places to view bookmarks to sites, tools inside or outside the organization.</p> <p>4</p> <p>3</p> <p>12#Share, Empower, SucceedDrag &amp; Tag Document Upload17</p> <p>Drag &amp; Tag functionality allows the user to upload a document by dragging it onto the screen.Drop down menu is displayed for the user to select from a list of document types. Search box allows user to quickly find the appropriate project or community to assign to the document. Other optional descriptive data (metadata) can be easily applied to the document.</p> <p>234</p> <p>#Share, Empower, Succeed17What are we hearing?</p> <p>8#Share, Empower, SucceedSpeed Matters9</p> <p>OneWindowWorkplace</p> <p>#Share, Empower, SucceedHigh Risks</p> <p>9Less Searching and More DoingStudy: employees spend almost half their day (47%) searching and gathering information; reading and answering emails. Less than half (39%) on role-specific tasks. #Share, Empower, SucceedSource: IDC and McKinsey Global Institute. ContentProblem the needs to be solved= Less searching and more doingHow to solve? Digital workplace = the content comes to you. It finds you (wherever you are) Net effect is it reduces internal information requests that create all those emails. Communication - Key Take away = over 90% of employees are only consumers of communication, not producers think like an online publisher and make it as easy as possible to consume (and share) without worrying about what tools employees need to use. </p> <p>10Intranet Essentials11What drives employee engagement, productivity and adoption?#Share, Empower, SucceedPutting in place the right tools and processes to break down barriers to communication and knowledge sharing without having to become proficient in a particular technology. 11</p> <p>Intranet Essentials12Portal/ GatewayTools &amp; FormsCorp CommunicationDepartment SitesProject SitesPeopleHow do I?Whats going on?Dont ask me, find it yourself!Whats the status?Who has worked on?Whats the address for?#Share, Empower, SucceedTools &amp; Forms typical involve enabling access to HR forms, policies, and information How do I?Corp Communications Company-wide, team, one-to-one. Whats going on? Department sites - Specific questions answered fast Dont ask me, Find it yourselfProject Sites consolidated project artifacts and project data What the status?People easily find experience and expertise Who has worked on?Portal/Gateway single place to access internal systems - Whats the web address for?</p> <p>Key take away: enable self-service; minimize internal requests less searching and more doing. 12Introducing OneWindow Workplace for Office 365OneWindow 13</p> <p>#Share, Empower, SucceedFeatures14CommunitiesProjectsDocuments &amp; KnowledgeSocialNews &amp; EventsPeopleOneWindowOneWindow : Do More</p> <p>Tools: Quick-Find PanelDrag &amp; Tag Document Upload#Share, Empower, Succeed"Drag &amp; Tag document upload that allows users to quickly drop documents right where they want themQuick Find Panel allows users to quickly toggle back and forth between news feeds and communitiesPre-configured sites for Communities, Projects and Knowledge CentersEmbedded social feeds and customizable people profilesAll registrants will receive a recording of the webinar.</p> <p>14Home Page15</p> <p>Home page aggregates corporate-wide communications that includes enterprise social posts, company announcements, blogs and events.Content is presented via tiles to make it easy to use on tablet or smart phone. User are able to manage the content that is viewed by using the Content Bar to see just want they want. A collapsible panel allows the user to quickly go to communities or projects they have created. 1234#Share, Empower, Succeed15People23</p> <p>Detailed People Profiles include details added by the users as well as corporate data accessible via integration with HR and Accounting/Financial systems. Skills and Past Projects can be included to allow for skills-based searches of individuals. </p> <p>12#Share, Empower, SucceedDemo#Share, Empower, Succeed26Availability and Pricing27Availability PricingSummer 2015</p> <p>#Share, Empower, Succeed27Next Steps Beta Program28</p> <p>Become part of our beta program!</p> <p>We are accepting five clients to be part of this exclusive beta program.</p> <p>Interested? Lets talk. Click here or go http://portl.me/1AhGSgs to learn more .</p> <p>#Share, Empower, SucceedBeta program participants will receive substantially discounted subscription fees. Participation would include user research interviews, workshops and feedback sessions that can be done on sight or remotely. 28</p>