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  • 1.Native vs WebThe never ending story question www.androidaalto.org

2. Ramonramon@androidaalto.orggplus.to/jush@j_u_s_hgithub.com/jush 3. Who are you? 4. Content Concepts Web Native Hybrids Tools Future? 5. ConceptsWeb applications 6. ConceptsNative applications 7. ConceptsHybrid applications 8. ConceptsWeb appsHybrid appsNative apps 9. Web applications 10. Web applications ProsCons Easy updates App visibility Cross-platform UX No need for approval Interoperability Full revenue Performance Open specification Fragmentation Common languages Hardware access Both Debugging Experience Hardware access Frameworks 11. Native applications 12. Native applications Pros Cons Optimized One platform Performance Subject to approval UX Revenue Hardware access Dependant on 3rd Richer experienceparties Better known Fragmentation Innovation Both Debugging Experience Visibility 13. Hybrid applications 14. Hybrid applications Pros Cons Good things about PerformanceHTML5 and native Fine-tunning Multi-platform Debugging Fragmentation Re-usabilityBoth UX Plug-ins 15. Toolswww.caniuse.com: compatibility tableswww.html5rocks.commobilehtml5.orgWeinre: WEb INspector REmoteChrome beta remote debugging 16. Future... 17. www.androidaalto.org 18. Thank you!www.androidaalto.org