Web, Design, and UX Trends for 2008

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Starting in 2005 when returning from SXSWi a coworker and I would put together a trends presentation talking about up-and-coming technologies, patterns, websites, etc... and 2008 is no different. The presentations keep getting longer and longer, as innovation keeps building on the previous year, moving faster and faster. This year my co-presenter was Dustin Askins of Travelocity, and we gave the presentation internally to our UX groups, and just this week at the Dallas UPA Chapter.


  • 1. Hello, welcome to 2008

2. Im Jeremy JohnsonJeremyninja skills:Design, User Experience, Technologywebsite:jeremyjohnsononline.comlikes:Photography, lol cats, macs, gadgets Im DustinDustin Askins ninja skills: Design, Front-End Development, Gridswebsite:dustinaskins.comlikes: Photography, running, cycling