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A presentation about Wearable Computers given by Mark Billinghurst on October 19th at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery in Dunedin, New Zealand

Text of Wearable Computers

  • 1. Wearable Computing Mark Billinghurst HIT Lab NZ University of Canterbury October 2013

2. A Brief History of Time13th Century17th Century 20th Century Trend smaller, cheaper, more functions, more intimate From public space onto the body 3. A Brief History of Computing1980s 1950s Trend smaller, cheaper, faster, more intimate Moving from fixed to handheld1990s 4. Wearable Computing Computer on the body that is: Always on Always accessible Always connected Other attributes Augmenting user actions Aware of user and surroundings 5. Thorp and Shannon (1961)Ed Thorp Wearable timing device for roulette prediction Audio feedback, four button input 6. Keith Taft (1972)Glasses Display Belt computer Shoe Input Wearable computer for blackjack card counting Toe input, LED in Glasses for feedback 7. Steve Mann (1980s - ) 8. MIT Wearable Computing (1996) 9. Mobile AR: Touring Machine (1997) University of Columbia Feiner, MacIntyre, Hllerer, Webster Combines See through head mounted display GPS tracking Orientation sensor Backpack PC (custom) Tablet input 10. MARS View Virtual tags overlaid on the real world Information in place 11. HIT Lab NZ Wearable AR (2004) Highly accurate outdoor AR tracking system GPS, Inertial, RTK system HMD First prototype Laptop based Video see-through HMD 2-3 cm tracking accuracy 12. Image RegistrationAR Stakeout Application 13. Wearable AR Video 14. Mobile AR - Hardware RTK correction Antenna GPS AntennaHMD ControllerExample self-built working solution with PCI-based 3D graphics PCI 3D Graphics BoardTracker Controller PC104 Sound Card DC to DC ConverterWearable ComputerCPUPC104 PCMCIABattery GPSRTK correction RadioHard DriveSerial PortsColumbia Touring Machine 15. Google Glass 16. The 3 Year Road to Glass 17. What's Inside Google Glass? 18. Hardware CPU TI OMAP 4430 1 Ghz 16 GB SanDisk Flash,1 GB Ram 570mAh Battery Input 5 mp camera, 720p recording, microphone GPS, InvenSense MPU-9150 inertial sensor Output Bone conducting speaker 640x360 micro-projector display 19. View Through Google GlassAlways available peripheral information display Combining computing, communications and content capture 20. User Interface dfasdf 21. Timeline Metaphor 22. Live Glass Demo 23. User Experience Truly Wearable Computing Less than 46 ounces Hands-free Information Access Voice interaction, Ego-vision camera Intuitive User Interface Touch, Gesture, Speech, Head Motion Access to all Google Services Map, Search, Location, Messaging, Email, etc 24. Virtual Exercise Companion GlassFitGames http://www.glassfitgames.com 25. GlassFitGames Video 26. CityViewAR Using AR to visualize Christchurch city buildings 3D models of buildings, 2D images, text, panoramas AR View, Map view, List view Available on Android market 27. CityViewAR on Glass AR overlay of virtual buildings in Christchurch 28. CItyViewAR on Glass Demo 29. asdfa 30. Living Heads Up vs. Heads Down 31. Competitors Vuzix M100 $999, profession Recon Jet $600, more sensors, sports Opinvent 500 Euro, multi-view mode Motorola Golden-i Rugged, remote assistance 32. Recon Instruments Snow Ski display/computer Location, speed, altitude, phone headset 33. Projected Market > 10 million displays by 2016 34. Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch based wearable 35. Samsung Galaxy Gear 36. Nike Fuelband Activity/sleep tracking 37. Device Ecosystem 38. Wearable Attributes fafds 39. Looking to the FutureWhats Next? 40. IronMan2 41. Meta Gesture Interaction Depth sensor + Stereo see-through 42. Meta Video 43. Contact Lens Display Babak Parviz University Washington MEMS components Transparent elements Micro-sensors Challenges Miniaturization Assembly Eye-safe 44. Contact Lens Prototype 45. The Future of Wearables 46. Sight Video Demo 47. More Information Mark Billinghurst Email: mark.billinghurst@hitlabnz.org Twitter: @marknb00 HIT Lab NZ http://www.hitlabnz.org/


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