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Graphics Design: Wallpaper James Buckmaster

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  • 1. Graphics Design: Wallpaper James Buckmaster
  • 2. What Will It Consist Of? The wallpaper will consist of many images having something to do with Achilles. Characters, text and recognisable images such as the helmet from the app logo will be included. Colours will vary but they will be related to the colour scheme in the actual game Achilles some how. The challenge in this project is to understand what goes well together - that being images, colours, composition.
  • 3. Where I Stand With Wallpapers We covered making wallpapers slightly in our rst year. It had no relevance to any other project so we could stick whatever we wanted on there. The only problem was that I couldnt remember how to do it as it had been over a year. (First years wallpaper below) I looked for help on the internet, a website called vector cove had a tutorial. This tutorial wasnt much help so I went on and found a terric sight called red bubble. The tutorial showed me through the steps and reminded me on what I had to do.
  • 4. Assets Achilles The Rock Minotaur Athena App Logo These assets appear either in the game or in have something to do with the game so people can relate it to Achilles.
  • 5. First Wallpaper My Reaction: I like the rst attempt, nothing too fancy. Colours work well together, browns, reds, greys mix well with the white background. Looks too simple, a bit like cheap wrapping paper too. Clients Reaction: To many grey colours, needs something else like a background change. Helmet is most recurrent theme, mix it up a bit. Text shows o Greek theme which is good.
  • 6. Next Step.. The client told me that the white background isnt effective especially when there is a lot of grey on top of it making it a dull mix - I am going to make the background the same colour as the background as the app icon. Im going to keep some of the greys in with the wallpaper but with the new background they shouldnt cause a problem, the major helmet theme will die down a tad as there are other areas of Achilles we can present. Make the text a bigger part of the wallpaper.
  • 7. Second Wallpaper My Reaction: Better use of colour in the background, brings out colours. Items are blurred which is not good, technical error. Use of main character instead of just the helmet resolves the over use of helmet issue. Clients Reaction: Lighter background, dierent shade. Use less assets, take rock out as it looks confusing. Still have helmet structure from rst attempt. Helmet as A in Achilles, not so much a good move.
  • 8. Next Step.. Client seemed more pleased with rst wallpaper, I am going to strip the second one down with everything that the client didnt like so the rocks, the background colour, the use of the helmet as an A and start a fresh. I have a good idea of what sort of style of client wants now and having learnt from the last two wallpapers I am pretty sure I can nail it here. If I look back to the RedBubble tutorial I noticed that the background they made isnt as crowded as mine, maybe thats one of the problems - the simpler, the better.
  • 9. Third Wallpaper My Reaction: Better colour than second design. Everythings in focus. Assets look good. Clients Reaction: Looks more connected. Colour complements maroon colour in helmet and text better. Good not many greys as before. Background colour could go a shade lighter. Assets could be smaller. !
  • 10. Next Step.. Ive leant how to compose my assets in the grid which I position everything in, where as before I thought I had to ll every gap but now I know gaps are necessary. I dont need to arrange the assets again, only make them smaller. Look into similar shades around the colour I am using at the moment for the background. Make sure the new background shade still complements the maroon and grey colours.
  • 11. Final Wallpaper Ive taken the clients feedback on the third wallpaper in and come back with this. Most of the comments on the third wallpaper were positive which only allowed me to adjust small details in the design. Adjustments consist of a background colour change and resizing the assets to complement the size of the page. The process has shown me what works and how to improve on my rst design, the rst design is linked to my nal design a lot. This wallpaper opens up promotional and advertising possibilities for Achilles.