VPS: Features, Advantages and Benefits

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Cloud Server is the latest buzzword in the technology sector. Industry analysts agree unanimously that Cloud Servers hold great promise for the IT Industry and is definitely going to be a game changer.


  • 1. .Cloud Server is the latestbuzzword in the technologysector. Industry analysts agreeunanimously that Cloud Servershold great promise for the ITIndustry and is definitely going tobe a game changer. Net4 India Limited 2
  • 2. According to Sitepoint, A Virtual PrivateServer (VPS) is a simulation of hardware by ahost operating system that allows anotheroperating system to run on it. Net4 India Limited 3
  • 3. Virtual Private server bridges the gap betweenShared Hosting and Dedicated HostingShared Hosting Virtual Private Dedicated Server/ Server Co-Location Net4 India Limited 4
  • 4. More ControlBetter PerformanceLower Cost Net4 India Limited 5
  • 5. Build your own VPS Get Root Access Install any Programs/Software Manage Applications your way Net4 India Limited 6
  • 6. Build your own VPS No upfront investment on hardware Choice of Linux or Windows OS Net4 India Limited 7
  • 7. Host on ISO 270001 Certified Data centre Multi-Core Hardware High performance SAN infrastructure Faster recovery in case of failure Net4 India Limited 8
  • 8. NET4 INDIA LIMITEDCorporate OfficeD-25, Sector-3,Noida- 201301(India)Toll Free (Within India): 1800-108-4444Outside India: +91-120-4323500Email: onlinesales@net4.comWebsite: www.net4.in Net4 India Limited 9