Virtually challenged Xait Conference 2012

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Running a Virtual Bid Team. The presentation focus on Running a Virtual Bid Team and the Secrets to Success. Tips on how to help run an effective virtual bid team. Effective collaboration with co-located teams, across offices and time zones. What tools should bid managers be using to help them manage a virtual team? Looking ahead / future planning.

Text of Virtually challenged Xait Conference 2012

  • 1. Virtually challengedAn interview with Graham AblettBy Lina Gogos
  • 2. Running a Virtual Bid Team The Secrets to SuccessXait is the company behind XaitPorter: a web-based database solution foryour critical business documents.XaitPorter is collaborative writing software that enables multiple users towrite simultaneously on the same document. XaitPorter is designed forteams whom are looking to create their business critical documents, such asproposals & regulatory documentation more efficiently, while producing amore professional looking document.Save time increase qualityThe feedback from Xaits clients, is that XaitPorter allows them to producecomplex proposals faster with increased focus on content therebyincreasing the quality of the content. How? XaitPorter allows severalcontributors to work on the same document at the same time. And with abuilt in workflow and a progress reports, it allows management to stay incontrol of the process from day one. In addition, XaitPorter automaticallytakes care of formatting, layout and number according to corporateguidelines, helping companies globally to create proposals with betterquality.Visit us online at
  • 3. Running a Virtual Bid Team The Secrets to Success Lina Gogos, Business Development Manager, Xait Lina Gogos is a Business Development Manager at Xait and holds an MBA with a focus on marketing and international human resources. Lina has over 15 years of business development experience including 4 years with PriceWaterhouseCoopers as a business development manager which included proposals coaching. During this time she worked in a collaborative proposal team environment which required project management, writing tender content and global team coordination skills.
  • 4. Running a Virtual Bid Team The Secrets to SuccessGraham Ablett, Consulting Director, Strategic Proposals Graham Ablett is a Consulting Director at Strategic Proposals, holds the highest level of accreditation in the proposal industry, APMP Professional and is an APMP Approved Trainer. With 16 years of bid and proposal management experience, Graham has worked across a host of different market sectors. Graham regularly presents at APMP conferences, including the 2009 US, UK and DACH events. He also chaired a major panel session on international bidding at this years APMP worldwide conference. He has recently had an article published in the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Managements IFPSMezine.
  • 5. Virtual working trends Major global companies such as IBM and Accenture have almost 50% of their staff working in alternative workplaces 5
  • 6. 60% US workers engaged in Experts agree that far- virtual work every day flung employees need both effective technology and effective 31% have virtual managers communications skills to sustain a successful virtual working 91% companies think it environment saves time and money Meetings in America study 61% companies have undertaken virtual projects 35% said working virtually enhanced relationships 30% of telecommuters work in their pyjamas 6
  • 7. Two PollsIf you could solve any problem when working with your virtual bid team,which would it be? Highest polled answer in BOLDa) Connecting with people 8%b) Process management 17%c) Quality of work 25%d) All of the above 50%What do you see as the biggest challenge when creating your proposaldocument with your team?a) Sharing files 20%b) Version control 60%c) Formatting 10%d) All of the above 10% 7
  • 8. Examples of the challenges Harder to track Lower local Personal influence down the right revenue = lower lower Different processes people priority Different Different customer Shipping time / risk Difficult to build expectations of a processes & & Customs rapport good proposal culture Difficult to spot the DifferentDifficult to generate signs when people Ability to hide tools, technologies, creativity are struggling paper formats etc. Language Language Time zone differences differences Cultural differences differences (understanding) (writing skills) 8
  • 9. Characteristics of a first-class proposal for every opportunity 1. Customer-focused 2. Tells a compelling story 3. Contains a clear strategy & themes 4. Differentiates us from the competition 5. Complete & error-free 6. A joy to read 7. Easy to evaluate 8. Speaks with one voice 9. Appropriately approved 10. Professional look & feel 9
  • 10. Difference between virtual andco-located teamsUnderstanding what makes asuccessful teamThe challenge that workinginternationally brings 10
  • 11. Difference between virtual andco-located teams Comms TechnologyExpectation Trust Team development 11
  • 12. Understanding what makes asuccessful team ClearWell equipped guidelines StrongAbility to work leadership Vision, strategy and tactics 12
  • 13. The challenge that workinginternationally bringsMetrics and Bidding financials customs Working Buy in and ethics inclusivity Sponsorship and locality 13
  • 14. Effective RightUnderstand comms mechanics It boils down to three things 14
  • 15. Understanding the differences the top tips1. Cultural differences2. Appreciate diversity3. Compromise on time4. Team building 15
  • 16. Effective communications the top tips 1. More frequent 2. Ground rules 3. More sensitive 4. Back to meetings 101 5. There will be delays 6. Hear the minority 7. Jargon, acronyms 8. Avoid co-locate calls 16
  • 17. The right bid mechanics the top tips 1. Getting it right from the outset 2. Keeping things on track 3. Using the right tech