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A policy primer for the popular video sharing service Vine.

Text of Vine Policy Primer

  • Terms of Service Policy Primer
  • So you like Twitters latest online video technology? Policy Primer
  • Or you want to become Vine Famous with 6 seconds of footage? (Van Grove, 2013) Policy Primer
  • Perhaps you're just interested in the most popular web app of 2013? (Olanoff, 2013) Policy Primer (Yusupov, 2013)
  • Well before you rush into the world of Vine... Policy Primer
  • consider what these interests and aspirations entail. Policy Primer
  • It is quite common for web users to disregard vital contractual information. (Halbert, 2009) Policy Primer
  • A Terms of Service (TOS) agreement acts as a Social Contract to govern users within an online community. (Halbert, 2009) Policy Primer
  • For Vine users, the TOS may raise some interesting points. Policy Primer
  • Lets take a closer look... Flickr Image By: Tall Chris. CC By 2.0 Policy Primer
  • Upon signing up, you will be asked to verify your identity using an email or Twitter account. (Vine, 2013a) Policy Primer
  • Your user profile information is optional. As Vine is a video sharing platform, all of this information will be made public. So choose wisely! (Vine, 2013a) Policy Primer
  • You are solely responsible for your own public and private content creations. (Vine, 2013b) Policy Primer
  • The rights for all content created and submitted is still retained by you. (Vine, 2013b) Policy Primer
  • In fact, you have the right to sell your content and work with external parties. Policy Primer
  • $ Recent examples have seen popular users get thousands of dollars for 6 seconds of video content. (Pathak, 2013) Policy Primer $
  • If you infringe on copyright law, Vine will remove the content. Policy Primer (Vine, 2013b)
  • If you are a repeat offender, your account may be deleted. (Vine, 2013b) Policy Primer
  • Did you know Vine can use any of your content, however it wishes? Policy Primer
  • By submitting through its services, Vine gain a worldwide licence to distribute and manipulate your content however it desires. (Vine, 2013b) Policy Primer
  • This licence also applies to partnering individuals or organisations such as Twitter. (Vine, 2013b) Policy Primer
  • Promoting and advertising of content comes free of charge with zero compensation to you. (Vine, 2013b) $ Policy Primer
  • This leaves the door open for Vine to EXPLOIT your content commercially! Policy Primer
  • Following a similar line to Twitters Anti-Censorship policy, Vine has applied fairly minimal content restriction terms. (Worstall, 2013) Policy Primer
  • These are your current content restrictions: Deception of others. Violation of the rights of a third party. Threats of violence to others. Is furtherance of illegal activities. Harassment and Spam.(Vine, 2013b) Policy Primer
  • Some believe that these relaxed content restrictions combined with the affordances of Vine, have lead to a problem with pornography. (Worstall, 2013) Policy Primer
  • # Currently, Vine affords you the ability to search for content via hashtags. Policy Primer (Worstall, 2013) #
  • Vine can also limit your storage and usage at any time without notice. (Vine, 2013b) Policy Primer
  • You could wake up one day, only to have a limited amount of your content available. Policy Primer
  • In fact, all services provided by Vine may change without any notice (Vine, 2013b) Policy Primer
  • Vine is a very public platform that is constantly evolving in its terms, services and policies. Policy Primer
  • Along with other users, you have the option to decide if this Vine is growing in the right direction for your needs. Policy Primer
  • The End Policy Primer
  • Copyright All additional images are licensed under Australia-Fair dealing, for the purpose of criticism and review.
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