Using Social Media To Keep Residents Engaged

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<p>Using Social Media to Keep Residents Engaged and Informed</p> <p>Using Social Media to Keep Residents Engaged and InformedTexas Leadership InstituteJune 11, 20091</p> <p>Remember ThisIts just a conversation </p> <p>Dont complicate the basic idea of social media. Human beings have been doing this for as long as there have been human beings sitting around and communicating. Now, theres a digital realm for this kind of very human behavior. Hey, we create physical spaces for people to gather we call them parks and spend millions of dollars creating and maintaining them. Why shouldnt cities create a digital space as well?</p> <p>Social media is 24-7-365 your constituents are busy. Most dont have time to come to your meetings that doesnt mean you cant have a dialogue. Now, you can have asynchronous conversations.</p> <p>2</p> <p>What We DoSocial Media Suite includes:BlogsTwitterFacebookFlickr</p> <p>We have a kind of separate site, called Community Conversations, that runs on different software from our web site, but on the same server. 3</p> <p>BlogsOnly for the brave </p> <p> and skilledDont do a blog unless youre good at dealing with controversies youre just inviting trouble. If you not good at dealing with controversies, you need to be but thats a different seminar and Id be happy to tell whos trained us in citizen participation.</p> <p>Have some goals, other than, its cool. Here are ours: Provide additional channels of input for citizens and other potentially-affected interests Increase the transparency of the City's decision-making process Facilitate a sense of community Reach new audiences with City messages and information.</p> <p>TERMS OF USE! Have to agree to them before you can comment, and comments are moderated. Highlights:</p> <p> Comment must be on topic. Your comments must be civil. They must not contain malicious, offensive, threatening, profane or insulting language. No references to the personality of other participants or individuals, or attacks on individual character will be permitted. This is a forum for community issues and not for electoral campaign purposes. Such messages will not be published. Advertising or promotional announcements are not permitted.</p> <p>Our blogs: Decision Points for hot topicsProjects Downtown Redevelopment, General Plan, Sports Complex Improvement Project (a dozen posts, 95,000 views, 70 comments, 140 name suggestions)Library Round Rock Reads, 26-TeenParks and Rec Special Events, Round Rocker the 411</p> <p>We also comment on other blogs, if we feel we need to. </p> <p>4</p> <p>Twitter@roundrocknews701 followersContent comes primarily from RSS feeds from web site, blogs</p> <p>Psst! Great tool for pitching stories to mediaNumber of followers has built up over time. Now at 728 followers.</p> <p>We just follow 47 folks media and other government accounts</p> <p>Use of RSS feeds to send our tweets. We hired no additional staff when we started our social media journey, so we leverage content from web site and blogs.5</p> <p> fansContent comes primarily from RSS feeds from web site, blogs</p> <p>Again, number of fans has built up over time. Were actually at 696 as of yesterday.</p> <p>Another way to promote events you can sent notices to fans</p> <p>Parks and Rec has set up a FB Page for Texas Road Rash; library has set one up as well6</p> <p> membersIf you upload em, we can use em</p> <p>Photo uploads are moderated</p> <p>You can automate a search on Flickr with the name of your community. When you find some pics, send em a message. Our says: What a great shot! The City of Round Rock Group would love to have your photo added. </p> <p>Doesnt live on your server or eat up your bandwidth</p> <p>Be sure to systematically back up the images 7</p> <p>Need to promote natural beauty of your community?8</p> <p>Need to promote your downtown?9</p> <p>Promote your community as family fun?10</p> <p>How about your community has biting spiders?11</p> <p>Need to promote heritage tourism?12</p> <p>Sports Capital of Texas13</p>