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How to use slideshare

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  • 1. SlideShare BY: KAILEY COLEMAN

2. Definition Slideshare is a great way to share your presentations so others can see what you have to share. 3. Description By using slideshare, you can share your presentations publically and can find slideshares on any topic. You can upload documents from PowerPoint, Word, Open Office, PDFs, and Videos (from youtube or your own) to use in your slideshare 4. Description cont. You can create slidecasts They are like a podcast with a slideshow included Examples: webinars, lectures, and musical slideshows 5. About SlideShare What is SlideShare? KOeMKb0 6. How to Sign Up Go to Click the Signup button in the top righthand corner of the page 7. How to Sign Up After clicking Signup, type in your email address, and create a username and password; then click Signup. It will then have you type in a word code; just type it in and click Signup again. 8. How Create a SlideShare After you Sign up, you can upload your documents by clicking Upload. DO NOT click Upload+ unless you want to pay for more features Can upload documents from PowerPoint, Word, Open Office, PDFs, and Videos. 9. How to Create a SlideShare Once you choose a document and upload it, you can describe what your presentation is about, categorize and tag it. Click Save & Continue, then View Presentation, and you have then successfully shared your 10. Your Project Create a SlideShare about the American Revolution: 4 events that lead to the American Revolution 3 major battles Outcome of the Revolution Need 10 slides of content Reference slide Title slide Do NOT use one already created 11. Your Project Create a PowerPoint and upload it onto SlideShare. Once you publish and share your SlideShare, copy the link and email it to me so I can grade it. If you have any problems or questions please let me know!! 12. Overview of Creating a SlideShare Step 1 Go to Click Signup Step 2 Enter your email address & create a username and password Click Signup, enter the word code, then click Signup again Step 3 Click Upload to choose the documents you want to use Add a description and tags then click Save & Continue 13. References