Using Pinterest to Promote your Business

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Using Pinterest to Promote your BusinessIf you havent seen Pinterest yet, you need to check it out. Pinterest is a new social media website based on the concept of a scrapbook. Millions of users use Pinterest each day, and they add, or pin images they like to personal bulletin boards on the website. Users can follow other users, view their boards, like images, and add comments. The most popular images get shared by many users all over the world. Sifting through beautiful images can be addictive the average Pinterest user browses the site for 1 hour and 17 minutes at a time.The best part of Pinterest is that each image has a backlink to the website where it originated. If you have a have a business, this can be a valuable source of internet traffic to your company website. In January 2012, Pinterest had more referral traffic than LinkedIn, Reddit, YouTube and Google+ combined. If you are trying to grow your business, you need to get on Pinterest. Another benefit is that users get on the website when they want to relax, so you can catch potential customers when they let their guard down.

In order to promote your business onPinterest, you need to have attractive and unique images to post. If your website already has product images or a photo gallery, you are ready to go. If not, take photos of your store, your merchandise, your work or finished product.Next, have a few goals in mind. Anytime you venture into social media, you can get side tracked by the time involvement and the excitement, but it may not increase your sales. Pinterest is not for everyone, but it can be useful if you have the right kind of business which lends itself to images.

One possible goal on Pinterest is to get loyal customers to share your images and encourage their friends to find out more. If you have a store, your customers will want to show off your products or services to your friends. Another goal can be to get unaffiliated Pinterest users, called pinners, to find your images, catch their attention, and click through to your website. Here are a few tips to help you use Pinterest to build your business.

If you have a graphic designer or have basic computer photo skills, you can add a watermark to your images, or your company name and logo in a corner, so no matter where the image ends up, it can be traced back to you.

When you start an account, use your business name as your Pinterest username. It will reinforce your brand and help users identify who you are. Be sure to add your website on your profile.

Connect your Pinterest account to your Facebook account and your Twitter account. Youll attract more users and followers across all social media platforms.

Pin images on a regular basis, not all photos once a week. It will keep your business brand in front of your followers.

Use good descriptions that have several keywords. For example, dont describe an image of a dress as red dress. Describe it as Red and white stripe designer dress with belt. Perfect apparel for summer parties and casual occasions. Pair with heels or sandals. You have a lot more keywords which will cause your image to show up in more searches.

Pinterest searches dont always retrieve exact matches, but matches that include some words or are related to your search. For example, a search for the termhome alarmmight turn up any pin with the wordhome, and any pin with the wordalarm.

Tag other Pinterest users and clients you know, if it is an item you think they might like. You can also like other pins, and comments on pins that you find interesting.

After you get comfortable on Pinterest, and you see results, you can get creative and try running contents or promotions. Once idea is to post a special image on Pinterest, and when users click through, they will find a special page on your website with a coupon. Youll be able to track Pinterest sales and use the information to future marketing plans. The best thing about Pinterest is that there is no right or wrong way to use it, and there are no rules. Have fun and be inventive, and you may become a Pinterest success story.

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