Using an ALM Router to Integrate Multiple Vendors’ ALM Systems

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Text of Using an ALM Router to Integrate Multiple Vendors’ ALM Systems

1. Using an ALM Router to Integrate MultipleVendors ALM Systems 2. Presenter Doug Bass Senior Vice President of Engineering 3. Services 4. Go2Group Services Worldwide leaders in ALM solutions since 2002 Specialists in complex integration and migration Certified by HP, Atlassian, IBM, Perforce, Salesforce, Microsoft 5. Experienced Thousands of enterprise-level migrations First AtlassianPartner in North America and Japan 2000+plugin installations Hundreds of active clients, over 70+ countries GSA Listed 6. We Work With 7. Enterprise Challenge 8. Complex ALM Ecosystem 9. A siloed environment with multiple tools is ineffective and plagued with errors. 10. Simplify complexity, say goodbye to errors 11. ALM Router 12. ALM Silos 13. ConnectALL Tears Down Walls TM ALM Router 14. Managing complexity ALM Router 15. Example DOORS HP ALM/ Quality Center Requirements Test Cases Sprints/ Stories Defects JIRA TM ALM Router 16. Example In-House HP ALM/ Quality Center Requirements Test Cases Test Cases Defects Defects ALM Router Off-Shore HP ALM/ Quality Center 17. ConnectALL ALM Router Simple, reliable, high-fidelity synchronization Teams keep using the systems they chose Without manual operations Configurable Works your way, with your systems and your processes Agile, waterfall, and hybrid Visibility 18. ConnectALL ALM Router Bulletproof Enterprise-level infrastructure Meets stringent corporate governance needs The only solution that supports, out of the box Clustering (load sharing and failover) Multiple servers (cloud and on-premise, anywhere in the world) Multi-tenancy High security Traceability, audit trail and more 19. ConnectALL ALM Router Value Easyto buy: Our pricing is on our website Easyto understand: Priced by applications you connect, unlimited users, unlimited projects Atlassian JIRA $2000 HP ALM / QC $5000 Microsoft TFS $5000 IBM RationalDOORS $11000 IBM Rational ClearQuest $6000 IBM Rational ClearCase $10000 Rally $6000 Seapine $6000 Perforce $5000 20. ConnectALL ALM Router Solves complexity ConnectALL just works! It makes your dev teams, CIO, and CFO happy and makes you look like a wizard! 21. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication Leonardo daVinci 22. Example ConnectALL Users Integrated IBMDOORS requirements and JIRA Integrated IBMDOORS requirements and JIRA Multiple division integration: IBMDOORS, MicrosoftTFS, JIRA, IBMClearQuest 23. It just works. We installed ConnectALL and a giant headache is gone and all the groups are happy. Someone Important 24. Any Questions?