User Experience Design & Paper Prototyping

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Presentation is part of the Mobile Accelerator Program organized by the Mobile Experience Innovation Centre, at OCAD University in Toronto, Canada.


  • 1. User Experience Design & Paper Prototyping ILONA POSNER User Experience & Usability Consultant Mobile Accelerator Program (MAP) Mobile Experience InnovaJon Centre (MEIC) OCADU, Toronto, ON February 14, 2013 ILONA POSNER 2013 1
  • 2. Bio - ILONA POSNER User Experience & Usability Consultant Industries: Telecom, Financial, Web, Mobile, SoTware, Hardware, Healthcare, TransportaJon, EducaJon Clients: AMD, Autodesk, Apple, Bell, CIBC, DB, MicrosoT, Pitney Bowes, LA Metro Transit Authority, Human Factors InternaJonal, NaJonal Research Council of Canada, Canada Health Infoway, CIBC, RBC, ScoJa, TD, Visa, & Yahoo! Teaching: University of Toronto, Canadian Film Centre, OCADU, Professional Development Courses Research: University of Toronto, Computer Science, Human Computer InteracJon, Dynamic Graphics Project Educa=on: M.Sc. & B.Sc. Computer Science, U. of Toronto ILONA POSNER 2013 2
  • 3. Points of View A point of view is worth 80 points of IQ. - Alan Kay You are NOT the User! ILONA POSNER 2013 3 Source
  • 4. Keyhole Impact I am NOT the User! ILONA POSNER 2013 4 Source hfp://
  • 5. History of User Experience Human Factors & Ergonomics Human Computer InteracJon Usability User Experience ILONA POSNER 2013 5
  • 6. 1940s ILONA POSNER 2013 6
  • 7. 1950s ILONA POSNER 2013 7
  • 8. 1980s ILONA POSNER 2013 8
  • 9. And Now ILONA POSNER 2013 9
  • 10. Human Impact of Technology Human ImpactDevices ApplicaJons Input forms Features InformaJon Time of use Dependence Interdependence Sociability Environmental impact Human Capacities ILONA POSNER 2013 10
  • 11. What is User Experience? Interna=onal Standards Organiza=on ISO denes user experience as "a persons percep=ons and responses that result from the use or an=cipated use of a product, system or service". So, user experience is subjec=ve and focuses on the use. The addiJonal notes for the ISO deniJon explain that user experience includes all the users emo=ons, beliefs, preferences, percep=ons, physical and psychological responses, behaviors and accomplishments that occur before, during and aMer use. The notes also list the three factors that inuence user experience: system, user and the context of use. Note 3 of the standard hints that usability addresses aspects of user experience, e.g. "usability criteria can be used to assess aspects of user experience". Unfortunately, the standard does not go further in clarifying the relaJon between user experience and usability. Clearly, the two are overlapping concepts, with usability including pragma=c aspects (geNng a task done) and user experience focusing on users feelings stemming both from pragma=c and hedonic aspects of the system. ISO FDIS 9241-210:2009. Ergonomics of human system interacJon - Part 210: Human-centered design for interacJve systems (formerly known as 13407). InternaJonal OrganizaJon for StandardizaJon (ISO). Switzerland. hfp:// ILONA POSNER 2013 11
  • 12. User Experience Everything that the user sees, hears, & touches! Share Customize ILONA POSNER 2013 12
  • 13. ** Balloon Image ** ILONA POSNER 2013 13
  • 14. User Experience = Product ILONA POSNER 2013 14
  • 15. User Experience = Brand ILONA POSNER 2013 15
  • 16. User Experience UX Honeycomb, Peter Moreville ILONA POSNER 2013 16
  • 17. Buying Pop with a Cell Phone IDEO researchers test i-mode leading edge mobile services plavorm, 2003 Bill Moggridge, Designing InteracJons, February 2, 2007 lecture by Bill Moggridge for the Stanford University Human Computer InteracJon Seminar (CS 547). hfp:// ILONA POSNER 2013 17
  • 18. User Experience Example hfp:// ILONA POSNER 2013 18
  • 19. UX Problem ILONA POSNER 2013 19
  • 20. Cost of UX Problem Bush won by 537 of 5.8 million votes Buchanan 5x > votes in Palm Beach 19,120 ballots registered 2 votes, 20,000 disqualied ballots Law suit claimed: Ballots were decepJve, misleading, and confusing. Results delayed 37 days! Nov 7 - Dec 13 hfp:// ILONA POSNER 2013 20
  • 21. How to Maximize UX? ILONA POSNER 2013 21
  • 22. Trinity for Success Users Business Technology ILONA POSNER 2013 22
  • 23. Research Focus Problem Space -Environment -Market -LegislaJon Users Business Users -Goals, Needs -AcJviJes, Tasks -Vision & Goals -Requirements -Requirements -CompeJJon Business ? Technology Technology -Constraints -Requirements ILONA POSNER 2013 23
  • 24. UX Success Stories Mazda Miata, 1989 - present ILONA POSNER 2013 24
  • 25. $300 Million Bufon eCommerce website changed one bufon label REGISTER CONTINUE + 45% sales up aTer renaming of bufon & removal of forced registraJon + $300 Million/year revenue Source:,cles/three_hund_million_bu(on ILONA POSNER 2013 25
  • 26. $12 Million OpJonal Field makes $12 Million prot, aTer removing opJonal eld Company from online purchase form Prior, customers who clicked the Buy Now did not complete transacJons Source: hfp:// expedia- on-how-one-extra-data-eld-can-cost-12m-39746554/ ILONA POSNER 2013 26
  • 27. iPod vs Zune ILONA POSNER 2013 27
  • 28. How to Maximize UX? ILONA POSNER 2013 28
  • 29. Five Ds of User Experience Design Discover Deploy Dene Develop Design ILONA POSNER 2013 29
  • 30. Five Ds of DISCOVER DEFINE DESIGN DEVELOP DEPLOY !"#$%# Business stakeholder interviews Business objectives Review concepts & designs often Business goals, mission, vision Market Positioning Attend usability testing sessions Attend usability testing sessions Monitor usage & metrics Concept Success metrics Future features list UX Design Product SWOT Analysis Marketing Mix(four Ps) Market Positioning Market Segmentation Demographic Research...


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