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Presentation on Freedom of Expression, given to the 'International Symposium on Freedom of Expression', UNESCO, Paris 26 January 2011.

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  • 1. Freedom of Connection Freedom of Expression:
    The Changing Legal and Regulatory Ecology Shaping the Internet
    William H. Dutton, Anna Dopatka, Michael Hills, Ginette Law,andVictoria Nash
    Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

    Presentation for the International Symposium on Freedom of Expression, UNESCO, Paris, 26 January 2011.

2. 3. Cascading Issues over Freedom of Expression
4. The Internet Reconfigures Access in Ways that Can Empower Networked Individuals
5. Ecology of Choices Shaping Free Expression
6. Digital Rights
Access Freedom of Connection
Freedom of Expression
Equality (media literacy)
Freedom of Information
Privacy & Data Protection
7. Worldwide Diffusion of the Internet
8. Digital Rights
Meta-analysis of Internet filtering surveys:

  • Global growth of filtering

9. No single country 10. Variety of Objectives: 11. Political 12. Moral