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<p>Getting Started with Twitter</p> <p>Getting Started With Twitter at Your Dental PracticeBy Roadside MultimediaWhats the real value of Twitter?You have probably heard marketers talk about the value Twitter can add to any business. But what exactly is that value? How can it help YOUR dental practice? In this presentation, we briefly answer these questions and show you how to get started.</p> <p>Lets begin.Jaw-dropping FactsThe largest real-time micro-blogging network.</p> <p>500 million users.</p> <p>340 million tweets sent per day.Did You Know?USA is the biggest user of Twitter with approximately 51% of members. UK is in second place with 17%. Approximately, 24 billion searches are performed on Twitter per day. 1 million Twitter accounts are created everyday. Searches are more performed on Twitter than Yahoo and Bing.A Micro-blog with Big FeaturesWith Twitter, you can expect:</p> <p>Branded profiles.Connecting with millions of people.Ability to send direct messages.Hash tags, which help categorize tweets, making it easier to search for relevant content.Twitter Ads enable businesses to promote tweets.Twitter Insights allow businesses to track success.</p> <p>6 Ways Twitter Can Help Your Dental PracticeConnect with patients.Answer patients' questions and concerns.Educate about various treatments.Advertise open appointments.Promote offers and contests.Drive traffic to your website by including links in your tweets.Using TwitterLayoutHome your stream provides you tweets from everyone you are following.</p> <p>Connect identifies any interaction with your account e.g. new followers, retweets, mentions.</p> <p>Discover Twitter suggests people you may want to follow, the latest trends, and news.</p> <p>Me this is your profile page that includes the tweets you send and information about you.</p> <p>Features Followers people following you.Following people you are following.Favorites tweets you have liked/saved.Lists you can bunch people you are following into groups (e.g. family, colleagues, influencers).Direct Messages (privately) email people within Twitter.</p> <p>Know the LingoTweet a public message/post.</p> <p>Retweet promote someone else's tweet on your profile. Sometimes abbreviated to RT.</p> <p>Mention include someones Twitter name in a tweet using the @ sign.</p> <p>Hash tag this sign # followed by a word categorizes a tweet e.g. #dental.</p> <p>Compose a Tweet140 characters only.Use common hash tags to make the tweet easier to find.Use calls to action e.g. Click on this link or Please retweet.</p> <p>Share contentInclude media image/video.</p> <p>Share your own content blogs, videos, etc.</p> <p>Share content relevant to your industry.</p> <p>Include a link (80% more likely to retweet).</p> <p>Getting StartedSet Up Your PageCreate a profile for your business. </p> <p>Brand your profile use a cover image, background, and profile picture representing your business.</p> <p>Watch this video for how to set up a profile.</p> <p>13You Have a Profile Now What?Increase your following and follow people within your industry and community.Follow back people who follow you.Tweet regularly at least 2-3 times a day.Use a 3rd party tool (e.g. Hootsuite) to schedule your content for the coming week.Track your insights to see what works.</p>