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Jun 6, 2022 Tweeting for Business 1 Tweeting for Tweeting for Business Business Twitter Tactics for your Twitter Tactics for your Company Company

Tweeting For Business

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A presentation on business use of Twitter for my networking/leads group.

Text of Tweeting For Business

  • 1. Tweeting for Business Twitter Tactics for your Company

2. What Is Twitter?

  • Public instant messaging
  • A way to talk about what youre doing right now publicly, by default
  • Short messages only 140 characters
  • Opt-in youchoose who to watch and you see their public messages
  • Can also talk privately with others
  • Many ways to send and receive tweets

3. Twitters Growth

  • Twitter has about 4 million users now
  • 363,000 users in the U.S.
  • There are more than 1 million tweets/day

4. What Good Is It?

  • Get feedback about your business track what people are saying and address problems quickly
  • Mingle with the famous in your industry
  • Stay on top of trends
  • Monitor whats being said aboutyourcustomers to help them protect their own brands

5. Example 1 and 2: Dell, Comcast

  • Dell earned $1 million through Twitter in the last year
    • Dell sends messages to its Twitter subscribers about special private sales
  • Comcast is turning around their negative reputation by displaying genuine interest in customer issues posted on Twitter

6. Example 3: Coudal Partners

  • Jewelbox inserts issue
    • Tweeted about the problem I was having
    • Within 30 minutes, @coudal contacted me
    • Emailed the company representative
    • New inserts are on the way
    • Coudal still has a happy customer! Ill probably tweet about this experience

7. Most Importantly, Twitter

  • Puts a personal face on your business
  • Gets you a steady stream of ideas and links that you can use in your own business
  • Enables you to get (and offer) help
  • Connects you with others who share your interests, personally and professionally

8. 5 Stages of Acceptance

  • Denial Why should I care about this?
  • Presence I dont get it, but I guess I should get a free account.
  • Dumping Posting links to blog, PR docs
  • Conversing Talking to others one-on-one
  • Microblogging Sharing useful infoandconversing one-on-one

9. Getting Started

  • Visit twitter.com and sign up for free
  • Get a handle that relates to your business
  • Multiple accounts personal & business?
  • Fill in your profile using keywords
  • Upload your photo (gain credibility!)
  • Add your location if appropriate

10. Getting Started, Continued

  • Visit search.twitter.com and look for others who share your interests
  • Look at your followees followers to find new people to follow
  • Watch, learn, and enter the conversation when youre ready (lurk for a few weeks)
  • Tweet often daily is recommended

11. Let People Know You Tweet

  • Put your handle in your signature for email, forum posts, blogging
  • Put a logo on your website,linked to your Twitter page

12. What Should I Talk About?

  • Share great links and resources you find
  • Share information about your business
  • Reach out to people who use your servicesor products
  • Talk about upcoming company events
  • Share problems and ask questions
  • Add links to your latest blog posts

13. Best Practices

  • Think before you type! Itspermanentandsearchable
  • Be authentic its about letting people get to know you personally and professionally
  • Dont push your services or products it can get you banned
  • Share information and become valued as an expert in your field

14. Dealing With Other People

  • Follow those who interest you
  • Unfollow people to stop seeing their messages (theres no need to reciprocate if youre not interested)
  • Block problematic people that means they wont be able to see your updates
  • Spam is rampant just dont follow it!

15. Useful Tips

  • Use direct messages(D handle)to talk privately with another person
  • Retweet(RT)interesting tweets to others in your network its respectful
  • Hashtag(#topic)tweets to create a custom results page

16. 3 rdParty Tools Hundreds!

  • TweetDeck and Twhirl desktop applications to manage your account
  • TweetBerry and iTweet (and other mobile apps)
  • TweetLater set keywords for search and have results delivered to your email
  • TwellowHood find other Twitter users by geographical location (there were 148 users in Fort Collins as of Thursday)

17. Groups

  • Not yet a Twitter feature in the works
  • Will enable you to categorize your followers list and choose to send tweets to only certain people
  • Youcanset up groups on 3 rdparty software like TweetDeck, but only to view incoming tweets, not to broadcast

18. Resources

  • The basics
  • Creative ways to use Twitter
  • Twitter for business (articles and video)
  • Twitter services and tools
  • Legal issues
  • Backgrounds and icons