Trends in Web Mapping

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A 25min presentation about trends in online mapping, from information collected at the Where 2.0 conference in San Jose. A lot of examples (links) with live demo to visualize the use of the geoweb and mapping technologies. The audience: IT decision makers A special thanks to Andrew Turner from and Danny from


  • 1.Mapping Trends Cdric Hsler - CTO 14th June 2007 - Namics Event Zrich

2. from James Duncan Davidson - 3. TrendsGeo Web Local MattersDIY Mapping RT Visualization 4. Geo (Web) Stack Visual by Andrew Turner - GeoRSSKML GPXGeocodingPublishGeoRSSKMLMicroformatsMachineTags Aggregate GML KML GeoRSSWFSGeoJSON Consume 5. Geo (Web) StackVisual by Andrew Turner - Create Exif GeoRSSKML GPXGeocodingKML Publish GeoRSSKMLMicroformatsMachineTagsGeoRSS AggregateGML KML GeoRSSWFSGeoJSONConsume 6. BA SI C Foundation for SGeo Mash-upICBM Tag: Blog Post MapGeoRSS & KML: Google Geoweb Search Geo Tags: Flickr Tag Map Real-time: Flickrvision 7. News: Get the local buzz: Go (very) Local Photo from Andy Woo - 8. Search Shopping Center: Photos from malleastridge - 9. Photo from Patrick Dinnen - 10. Open (Source) Ideas Public API from all major players Innovation driven by the communityYTRA ITE IV G 11. Congure your own map server &Help collecting open map dataPhoto from Wessex Archaeology - OpenStreetMapMumbai Map Mother Earth Free your map! 12. New Yahoo Maps Design by Cartifact Labs 13. Virtual ToursMap the facts Time tells stories 14. EX C LU SIV E One more thing..Demo 15. it?otG Thats it Slides on: Links on: