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Top Mobile Apps to boost your productivity

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Text of Top Mobile Apps to boost your productivity

  • Top Mobile Apps to boost your productivity

    Running a business is hard, especially if you dont manage the resources

    effectively or in other words if you dont have the right tools to scale

    your business.

    To maximize productivity you should rely apps designed to improve

    communication, manage document storage, and promote information

    sharing with robust backend functionality.

    There are many apps weve used for years, and some weve only

    discovered recently to make our work much faster, smoother and more


    In this article, we have created a list of some hand picked apps that can

    boost your small business productivity.

  • 1. Lucyphone iOS, Android

    Who wants to wait endlessly to be connected to customer service over

    the phone When youre put on hold, simply press **. This gets you

    disconnected, and the moment a service reps comes on the line, the two

    of you are connected.

  • 2. LogMeIn iOS

    Using this, Stuff on your PC or Mac can be accessed from your iPad or

    iPhone. This app allows you to view your files remotely.

  • 3. Evernote iOS, Android

    Use this powerful note-taking app to store photos, notes, web pages,

    audio clips, PDF files, sync files, record voice reminders and create to-do


  • 4. Producteev iOS, Android

    This free task management app lets you assign tasks to several

    individuals, implement privacy settings and create subtasks.

  • 5. Docusign iOS, Android

    Who says you have to be physically present on the spot to sign an

    important document? Follow the link in your email to open the

    document. Follow the signing process and at last, click on confirm


  • 6. Basecamp iOS, Android

    Want great collaboration within your organization? Basecamp gives

    team members a single view dashboard that has links to any given

    project. Files, tasks, milestone dates, along with a discussion front that

    lets you trade information and work through details.

  • Daily data backups are performed, along with SSL data encryption. If

    your mobile device does not natively support Basecamp, you can still

    use your phones browser to sign in to the Web portal.

    7. Dropbox iOS, Android

    While Dropbox is already popular among mobile app consumers. You can

    easily sync important work documents across all devices and access

    them seamlessly from anywhere.

  • 8. OfficeTime iOS

    This app is very useful and highly practical: record billable hours through

    the work day and generate invoices and reports based on that data.

  • 9. Mint iOS, Android

    Want to know if your business check cleared the bank? Mint collects

    your financial data, all in one place. Keep an eye on your savings,

    checking, retirement and investment accounts whenever you want, and

    also track spending on a day to day basis.

    If you are using any other apps to improve your productivity .Tell us in

    the comments section and well look into it .

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