Top 5 tips to improve your Android’s battery life

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Has your Android screen size increased but the battery doesnt last any longer? Take a look at our power saving top tips! Read more here:


<ul><li> 1. TOP 5 TIPS TO IMPROVE YOURANDROIDS BATTERY LIFESMART TECH</li></ul> <p> 2. WHATS IT ALL ABOUT?We use our Android devices for more things than ever before which is why wearent optimising the bigger battery benefits.As screen sizes have been keeping pace with the increased battery size, hereare our top tips for making your Android smartphone last for longer: 3. 1. USE POWER SAVING MODEMost Android manufacturers include a form of power-saving mode where youcan shut down specific apps when your battery reaches below a predeterminedlevel.Android Lollipop has a power saver option built in, but if you dont have the mostrecent operating system check try out an app such as Juice Defender, which isdesigned to manage battery draining components. 4. 2. HIBERNATE APPSIf you install Greenify it will process what is running on your Android device andwill automatically hibernate apps that arent being used, so they wont drain yourbattery until you open them.To take full advantage youll have to root your device which is a simple processbut will take a little time to manage the process. 5. 3. STREAMLINE YOUR HOME SCREENIf you have lots happening on your home screen, it will inevitably require morebattery life. Remove widgets you dont use or need, and reduce refreshing ratesby having a static wallpaper instead of live wallpapers. 6. 5. NO VIBRATIONSVibrate mode is an unnecessary battery killer for your Android smartphone. Turnoff vibrations for key presses in Settings &gt; Language and input the options forthe keyboard you are using. You can also turn off sound on keypresses. 7. WANT TO KNOW MORE?Have we sparked your interest?If you want to read the full article, all you have to do is click on the linkbelow!Top 5 tips to improve your Androids battery life </p>


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