Top 10 reasons for not getting sales at trade shows

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This presentation: Reveiws the way attendees are shopping at tradeshows. Recaps the latest trends in mobile adoption at tradeshows, and look at some examples of how smart marketers are catering to attendees with tradeshow mobile solutions. Gives some practical advice on how to successfully adopt and deploy new strategies at your booth. Covers time tested industry intelligence so exhibitors can improve their effectiveness and ROI.


  • 1.Top 10 Reasons For Not Getting Salesat Trade Shows

2. #10You didnt do any pre show marketing.

  • Send eBlasts to the preshow mailing list inviting them to your booth.
  • Announce it on your website, blogs, twitter page, facebook page and LinkedIn groups.
  • Release a free press release about your participation at the show. There are plenty of free press release distribution sites like
  • Use direct mail in a creative way.
  • Your salespeople should contact local prospects to set up appointments and see if they are attending your industry show.

3. #9People look at your booth and ask, What is it you do?

  • If your booth display and signage does not grab peoples attention, and represent what you sell people wont know to stop at your booth.
  • Your sign should say more than just your company name.It should also explain what your company sells and its key benefits.


  • Booth staff should be trained with talking points and sales messages and be informed of objectives.
  • For example: to introduce a new product or get new orders for existing products.
  • Booth staff should be able to demo your product effortlessly.

Scenario:A booth visitor looks around helplessly to find someone who can answer her questionsbutthe booth staff is making phone calls, talking with one another or away to get a snack.#8 Snacking on the job 5. #7 Quick Getaway The exhibit hall doesnt close for another 10 minutes,but your booth staff has already made a break for itand here comes another prospect How many times have youseen this before a showis over? 6. #6Wrong show for your business.

  • Dont just exhibit at a show because it sounds like it would be appropriate for your business.
  • Get the hard facts on attendee demographics and numbers. Make sure a large percentage of the attendees are similar to your typical customer.
  • Do a cost analysis to see if it is worthwhile.

7. #5Your booth looks like a picnic area.

  • Booth should be free of clutter and maintain a professional and welcoming appearance.
  • Staff can take breaks to eat and drink outside of the booth.

8. #4Members of your staff are all nursing hangovers and it shows.

  • It is expected that you attend networking events but getting too drunk with potential prospects (or worse..your competitors) doesnt leave a great impression.
  • Youll be too tired to give good sales pitches at the booth the next morning easy does it!

9. #3Everyone on your staff is busy with email.Do Not Use Lead Retrieval Booth visitors shouldbe the priority. 10. #2Leads consist of notes scribbled on the back of business cards.

  • Not everyone at a trade show is a prospect.Dont focus on lead counts , focus lead quality.
  • Not all leads are created equal. Need to determine weather the lead is hot, warm or cold. This is accomplished by having a conversation with booth visitors not just scanning random peoples badges.
  • Leads captures should have qualifiers and notes so you remember the interaction. Gathering critical information about each potential customers needs will make your post-show lead follow-ups much easier.
  • Dont forget to capture leads at parties, dinners and luncheons during the tradeshow too.

Scenario:You rented the lead retrieval at the show but you dont know how to use it instead you scaneveryone that walks by without talking with them. 11. #1Leads consist of notes scribbled on the back of business cards.

  • You should use the lead retrieval offered by show management.
  • Lead retrieval captures attendees full registration data this is much more info than what is on a business card. It includes purchasing authority, buying timeline, company size as well as other useful data.
  • Dont blow your budget on tschotskes before getting lead retrieval you exhibit at shows to gather leads, not giveaway pens.
  • Manage leads in a quick, digital way.
  • Never lose a lead by dropping a business card.
  • Salespeople back at the office can follow up on leads while youre still at the show.

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