Thirty minutes to share point availability

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Revisiting a presentation I gave back in 2010, still just as relevant today!

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  • 1. Thirty Minutes to SharePoint Availability 2010 Neverfail

2. Todays Agenda Common causes of downtime in SharePoint environments High availability and DR capabilities "out of the box" Third party options for protecting SharePoint server farms Determining the right availability solution for your SharePoint environment2 3. Impacts to Availability of a SharePoint Farm 4. Common Causes of Downtime Connectivity issuesNetwork latency issuesPlanned maintenanceDatabase availabilityApplication availability4Environmental issuesHardware issuesHuman error 5. Built-in SharePoint Availability Options 6. SharePoint built-in HA capabilities: Redundancy SharePoints built-in HA based on server redundancy SharePoint depends on database availability Limited to local subnets & low-latency links6 7. SharePoint built-in DR capabilities: Secondary Farm Complete second SharePoint farm in another location Requires some form of database replication for SQL Server7 8. Challenges of Protecting a SharePoint Farm No single point of control - Multiple technologies - Manual coordination - Scripted task dependencies- No Application Awareness- No Application Server failover- Index Server Single Point of Failure- Low latency & high bandwidth req.- Third server req. for automation 8Microsoft Recommended Configuration 9. Third-party SharePoint Availability Options 10. Why Third-Party Options Software/hardware to add value over whats in the box Protection from broader range of vulnerabilities Simplify overall HA infrastructure10 11. Types of 3rd-party Solutions Fast back-up & recovery SAN-based replication Server virtualization Hardware clustering Host-based replication 11 12. Third party options for protecting SharePoint Server: Rapid-recovery backups Application-level backups Disk-based backup Virtual recovery capabilities Accelerated data recoveryServer 1SANSAN Storage12 13. Third party options for protecting SharePoint Server: SAN-based replication solutions Protects the storage-layer of the application Replicates raw storage between similar devicesServer 2Server 1SANSAN Storage13SANSAN Storage 14. Third party options for protecting SharePoint Server: Virtualization-based solutions Protects a complete guest VM from hardware failures Shared or replicated VM file restarts on another hostVirtual ServersVirtual ServersVirtual Stacked ServersSANShared SAN Storage14SANSAN Storage 15. Third party options for protecting SharePoint Server: Host-based replication solutions Active server replicates changes to a stand-by server Application-layer visibility and managementPrimary Server15Secondary Server 16. Neverfail for SharePoint 17. Evolution of Continuous AvailabilityBusiness Emphasis Application EmphasisContinuous Availability No User or Application Downtime, ApplicationAwareness, Automation, Local & Remote AvailabilityAvailability CentricBasic Failover Clustering, Fault Tolerance, High AvailabilityData Replication Data EmphasisSnapshot, Asynchronous, Synchronous, CDPBackup & Restore File, Block, Full, Incremental, On-site, Off-site17Recovery Centric 18. SharePoint Application MonitoringUser/CustomerHost OSNetworkPassive Server Active ServerServicesApplication ResponsePassive Server Active Server Availability is made of many thingsPerformance MonitoringRules and ThresholdsEnd-user Availability18 Neverfail application-level monitoring Notification and automationNeverfail Continuous Availability DirectorAdmin 19. Complete Protection for Business ServiceMultiple point solutions do not solve the problemWeb ServerWeb ServerIntegration of multiple, standalone availability solutions is complex and expensive to maintainVMware HASharePointSharePointLack of coordination between availability solutions leads to incomplete protection for your appMS Clustering Array ReplicationSQLServer 19Traditionally, servers of like functionality are grouped together for availability and protectionLoad BalancingSQLServerDR solutions typically protect data, not application availability, cutomers left owning a manual recovery process 20. Customers require a simple, holistic solution Complete Protection for Business ServiceSharepoint Farmapplication management Monitor and control the Web ServerWeb Serverentire application vertical One solution, one console SharePointSharePointSQL Server 20 Business-centricSQL Server 21. Neverfail protects all SharePoint components. ApplicationSharePoint FarmModulesWeb Tier ScopeAMFNeverfail Continuous Availability DirectorIISIISIISApplication TierCentral Admin Exec Calc ServerQuery ServerVirtualized3rd Party AdaptorsIndex ServerDatabase Tier PhysicalSQL Server21SQL ServerSingle point of management and control across the entire farm 22. .to fail-the-farm in a DR context.. DatabaseEmailNeverfail AdminWebFilesCollaboration Custom Apps Remote UsersNeverfail - Continuous Availability DirectorApplication-Aware Management Framework (AMF) User Transparent Failover/Failback, Application-Aware, CDP, ReplicationSharePoint Farm (Active)SharePoint Farm (Active)Web Front EndWeb Front EndIIS+MOSSIIS+MOSSApplication TierIndex ServerQuery ServerExec Calc ServerNeverfailIndex ServerQuery ServerExec Calc ServerCentral Adminup to 30x traffic reductionSQL ServerSQL ServerSecondary SitePhysicalPrimary SiteIIS+MOSSDatabase Tier Physical22IIS+MOSSWANsmartCentral AdminSQL ServerIIS+MOSSApplication TierDatabase TierSQL ServerIIS+MOSSVirtualizedIIS+MOSSVirtualizedIIS+MOSS 23. optionally adding local HA alongside DR Neverfail AdminDatabaseEmailWebFilesCollaboration Custom Apps Remote UsersNeverfail - Continuous Availability DirectorApplication-Aware Management Framework (AMF) User Transparent Failover/Failback, Application-Aware, CDP, ReplicationSharePoint Farm (Active)SharePoint Farm (Passive)SharePoint Farm (Passive)Web Front EndWeb Front EndWeb Front EndIIS+MOSSIIS+MOSSIIS+MOSSApplication TierIIS+MOSSIIS+MOSSIIS+MOSSIIS+MOSSApplication TierIIS+MOSSIIS+MOSSIIS+MOSSIIS+MOSSApplication TierNeverfailVirtualizedVirtualizedIIS+MOSSWANsmart WANSmart Index ServerQuery ServerExec Calc ServerCentral AdminIndex ServerDatabase Tier23SQL ServerPhysicalSQL ServerQuery ServerCentral AdminDatabase TierSQL ServerPrimary SiteExec Calc ServerSQL ServerIndex ServerQuery ServerExec Calc ServerCentral AdminDatabase TierSQL ServerRemote SiteSQL Server 24. Determining the Right Solution 25. Choosing the Right Solution for SharePoint Consider the cost of downtime How critical is your SharePoint infrastructure to you business? Consider the possible vulnerabilities What scenarios do you need to protects yourself against? Consider the availability options Which solution covers the vulnerabilities you need protection from? Neverfail provides the most robust affordable solution for SharePoint and any other Windows-based application 25 26. Key Technology Differentiators Protects End-to-End Business Services Neverfail aggregates & protects any set of multi-tier components, including applications, servers, services, and it maps all their interdependencies Complete Protection Against the Widest Range of Failures Leverages Application Awareness, Intelligence and Automation Eliminates both planned and unplanned downtime WAN Acceleration & Deduplication Essential feature set to enable DR deployments Heterogeneous Protection Physical and Virtual Environments (P2P, P2V, V2P, V2V) Any Combination of Physical Server and Storage Hardware 26 27. Neverfail for SharePoint AvailabilityCall or visit for personalized assistance WWW.NEVERFAILGROUP.COM (512) 327-5777 2010 Neverfail