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The Secrets to Making Money without Working - Outsourcing Secrets

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You can watch the video replay of the training found in this Slideshow here: Virtually anything you want done, can be done by someone can immediately leverage your business, and focus your efforts on the more important aspects of your business.

Text of The Secrets to Making Money without Working - Outsourcing Secrets

  • 1. The Secrets to Making Money without Working through Outsourcing With Garry Mclachlan
  • 2. What you Will Learn in this Course Watch the Video Training on My Blog Here Reference /effortless-outsourcing-secrets How to Leverage your Time and Increase your Profit The 12 Secret Laws of Outsourcing Concentrate your efforts on the Things you like to Do and offload the Things you dont Like Where to Outsource How to Find Quality People to do your stuff
  • 3. Outsourcers Goal The Goal of Every Entreprenuer is to Build a Business and Have a Life
  • 4. The 12 Laws of Outsourcing 1. Consider it an Investment 2. Do your Due Diligence 3. Test their communication skills 4. Set Office hours 5. Start with a Few Candidates 6. Hire for Specific Tasks 7. Set Clear Deadlines & Project Descriptions 8. Be sure they understand before they begin 9. Dont Simply Shop and Price 10. If it Takes Longer to Write than to Do, dont 11. Outsourcing Does not have to mean going Intl 12. Expect Snafus
  • 5. Outsourcing Case Study Scenario I want to Build an Info Product Estimated time of work needed 500 hours 1. Design 50 hours 2. Content Creation 150 hours 3. Marketing 20 Hours 4. Testing 30 Hours 5. Affiliates 100 hours 6. Tech Stuff 100 hours 7. Project Assembly 50 hours
  • 6. The Outsourcing Scenario Numbers Estimated Sales is $100,000+ Outsource 470 hours at avg $10 per hour Outsourcing Costs $5000 I invest 30 hours of my Time Marketing $15,000 Affiliate Sales Commissions $15,000 Servers & Tech Costs $5000 Profit $60,000 My take = $60,000 / 30 hours = $2000 / HR
  • 7. Tasks to Outsource Web research Customer Service Accounting Web & Blog Design Blog Comment Moderation Voice and Video Transcription SEO, SEM, and Social Media Personal & Administrative Travel Plans Locate Perfect Gifts
  • 8. 7 Roles to Cover 1. Entrepreneur Make Biz better 2. Product Designer EBook, Graphics 3. Sales Person Affliate Manager, Social 4. Marketer Copywrite, Video, Content 5. Tech Program, Software Developer 6. Project Manager Talented & Oriented 7. Recruiter Traffic
  • 9. Why Outsource? Only work on the Important Stuff Leverage in Any Business is Huge This Can Be A Game Changer You can outsource as much or as little as you want
  • 10. What the Heck do I Outsource? Anything and Everything Online Finding Quality People Leverage your Time Allow you to Focus on the Money Making Activities Focus on your Marketing
  • 11. The Golden Rule of Outsourcing If Someone can do Something 80% as well as you, Outsource it. You have to realize that we are only given 24 hours per day, and that the most successful online business owners LEVERAGE other peoples time to get things done.
  • 12. Outsourcing Software? Software that can do the tasks of 100 monkeys on a typewriter worksif you know how to use it. Can Simplify a daily task in min Can help to increase your audience Important Software doesnt replace YOU You are the Brains of the operation Dont purchase something unless you understand its value and put it to good use
  • 13. Secrets to Successful Outsourcing Lots of different sites that offer outsourcing services Full or Part Time employees 123employee One time Project Provider Elance Outsource anything ODesk Cheap Outsourcing Source Fiverr Online Call Center - myphoneroom
  • 14. My Simple Outsourcing Process Steps 1. Post the Project on Elance or Odesk 2. Manually Seek out Providers 3. Contact Providers and Invite them to Bid on your Project 4. Have the Invited Providers Bid on your Project 5. You Choose the Provider / Begin Project
  • 15. Simple Trick With Elance I can seek out potential employees by earnings AND feedback. So the Trick is to Find workers with lower earnings but high feedback.
  • 16. Important Tip A lot of workers will post their minimum fee per hour, remember this, they will 99.99% of the time work for less so please negotiate with them for a lower price! Always refer to the project I need done as Something that is quite easy for someone who knows what theyre doing I like to work with a separate Skype id for private interviews.
  • 17. Outsourcing Tools you Can Use 1. Skype 2. Camtasia 3. Drop Box or Google Drive 4. Rescue Time 5. Robo Form 6. Goto My PC or 7. Google Desk top 8. My PC Backup
  • 18. Time Management Minimize Distractions Make a to List Dont get caught up in Water cooler Chat Online Calendar (Gmail) Productivity 50 min work, 10 min Break 1 Hour Wasted / Day = 360 Hours / Year Managed Time = Organized
  • 19. The Secret to Outsourcing anything for $5 Lets Check out Fiverr Grab your Outsourcers Manual Right Now

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