The Power Of Mail Merge!

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With the help of the wizard, breeze through mail merge using Microsoft Word 2007.


  • 1.The Power of Mail Merge !

2. Open Microsoft Word 2007 3. Open Mail Merge Wizard. 4. Select Type of Mail MergeAfter selecting the document type, click Next 5. Select a starting document Click Next and select recipients You can use the current letter that you have just finished; Or use any of the templates from mail merge; You can even use a document that you had created earlier. 6. Select Recipients.You can use your contacts from Outlook. If you want to use an existing address list then click on browse to find the relevant file. You can create a new list of recipients. If you choose the option to type a new list, then theNew Address Listdialog box will appear. You have to enter the address information for each record. Click Next 7. New Address List You have to enter the name & address information for each record. If there is no information for a particular field, leave it blank.ClickNew Entryto move to the next record.Click OK and thensave. 8. Write/Edit Your Mail Merge Content.Click Next to preview your letters This is where you can insert your address block/greeting line and personalize your letter 9. Preview ResultsHere you can preview your letters one at a time. You can also add pictures or make any changes to the letters.To complete the mail merge process, click Next. Or make a change to you recipients list by clicking here. 10. Complete the merge You can print your merged letter from here.Clicking on Edit individual letters will display the letters on your screen. TheMerge to New Documentdialog box will appear. 11. You can choose which records you want to merge to a new Word document and which records you want to print.Once you choose either of these options, yousaveorprintfrom the document itself and not from the wizard. 12. Save Your Document Print & mail!


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