The intelligent interactive fountain

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Text of The intelligent interactive fountain

  • The Intelligent Interactive Fountain

  • Shaker K. Ayesh Mohammed K. Hayek Islam J. Saqqa Said H. Soboh Alaa S. AbuEtiwyThe team:

  • Outline :Objectives.The Video.Vision.Block Diagram.Sound system.Sensors system.Mobile system.Controller.Results.Future work.

  • Objectives : Creating creative applicable ideas for graduation projects.Engineering for fun and joy.Based on scientific theories of Digital Control Systems and Data communication.Encourage creative thinking.Development of Gaza City through a local product.

  • The Video

  • Vision :Present a new idea for graduation projects, which talks about how to make a smart fountain with multi-interactive options.The project applies necessary theories to make a good interact with human voice, movements and decisions, which is suitable for man to respond for his actions.The project provides a new control system for fountains using several hardware components and software tools.

  • Block Diagram :

  • Sound System :Implemented using 2 ways : - microphone and level indicator circuit. - scenario approach.

  • Sensors systemImplemented using 2 kind of sensors : - motion detector sensor - ultrasonic sensor

  • Mobile systemEthernet cableTo The PLC

  • ControllerDivided into master controller and slave controllers : - The master controller will be programmable logic controller from type DVP32ES200R which has 32 input/output

  • The slave controllers will be two types : 1- Variable frequency driver from type VFD015S21D to control the frequency of the pumps and therefore control the height of the water. The VFD takes 1 phase 220VAC and outputs 3 phase 220VAC. It can be controller manually using the buit-in potentiometer, or by external DC input source, or by RS-485 communication protocol.Controller cont.

  • 2- Electrical solenoid valves which works digitally by open and close the water nozzle the time it get the signal from the master controller, it works on 24Vdc so, it must be connected with transformer driver that takes the signal from the master controllerController cont.

  • 3- Underwater RGB spot lights, as the solenoid valves it take the signal from the master controller and must be connected into a transformer driver to take 12Vdc .Controller cont.

  • Practical results Connect the sound system with controller using LABView application to make it works synchronously.Connect the master and slave controllers using MODBUS communication protocol through RS-485 com.Transmit and receive the data wireless from the android mobile application using internet access point

  • Detect the human motion and make the appearance of the water and light in the fountain respond according to this motion.Apply AI on the control system in order to add a brilliant touch on the fountain.Future work


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