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  • 2. Our app is aimed at everyone above the age of five, this would only be suitable when we have a range of genres. Its for anybody who would like to read more; as it has obvious academic benefits. Our app can be used whenever it is needed, due to the fact we intend it to be fast loading. It can be used anywhere with internet access and it is useful because the total percent of U.S. high school graduates who will never read a book after high school is a shocking 33%. We intend to reintroduce reading into society in a fun hence original way. In a survey of people that dont consider reading a regular habit, 75% of the candidates blamed that on the lack of time they find in their modern lives to read. Our app would defeat this due to the fact it can be used on the go, for very little expense and is obviously transportable on phones or tablets. Our app
  • 3. As a user I want an app that can keep me occupied, so that Im not bored but my parents approve of how Im spending my time I wish for the app to be relatively cheap because my parents like me to understand how to control money. Free apps tend to be inappropriate or have complex terms and conditions that are so multifarious, users dont understand what they are agreeing to and hence spend large amounts of money without parents permission. Our app would most likely have a parental lock and simple terms and conditions therefore people would trust our app, increasing sales hence revenue. Problems people Encounter
  • 4. How can I read more without the costs of buying a tedious book? The core question
  • 5. People who have trouble reading currently dont read at all but this solution does not work because of the benefits of reading for literature and language. Did you know the total percentage of U.S. adults who are unable to read an 8th grade level book is an appalling 50%. Our key insight is that people need stories they can create/share socially/laugh at, to help them overcome their problem Our key Insights
  • 6. Text adventures elevator pitch My team, Jinco , is developing a mobile app to help people over 5 years of age who dont read to become more literate with our app for the reason that our app will keep readers interested with updates, users that can have an input into the content and many genres.
  • 7. Users want- quick to access for when they want their spirits lifted, fast. Makes them laugh out loud, stories they can share with colleagues/ friends. Not inappropriate so younger children can also freely use it. Potential Users
  • 8. The forgotten Nightmare doesnt have a range of genres unlike our app, it is merely horror which is not suitable for everyone. This is one of the top apps on the app store, so if we better it, our app will be a success. The comments below also mention it being slow- as previously mentioned ours will be fast flowing. Our key Competitor
  • 9. As a teacher, I want an app to recommend to parents so that kids read more often than not As a student, I want a good story to immerse into so that all my troubles are forgotten whilst Im reading. Core feature Our apps core feature is follow on stories, you click an option and the story carries on.
  • 10. Categories to choose genres of stories. Where the account user can submit there own stories. If stuck, this button shows most problems which could occur; FAQ; terms and conditions. Account lets you sign in and out; alter your account settings and proceed to the forum. Settings to alter sounds, brightness, etc.
  • 11. Options to direct the story different ways. Title of the story will be placed here. The story. Two arrows to navigate pages to go back and forward (e.g. to go back to change options)
  • 12. By submitting, you either proceed or messages pop up which either states fields are incomplete or if details arent accurate. Create your username and password Enter some basic information (e.g. email, age, gender) Either upload or take a picture for your profile. An anonymous picture is optional.
  • 13. Data Personal information of potential customers in order to allow connectivity to social media (this data will be provided by customers) . Due to this, well have a privacy policy (this data will be provided by Jinco). We will also need the actual stories however we wont copyright them (this data will be provided partly by Jinco, but mainly from trusted users). Technical feasibility Our app is stripped down to the basics; therefore we can exceed in that particular area without making it too complicated. The wireframes are relatively simple to conquer, being done on the internet ( a web app template) and we have found an online source that will provide the wireframes for the stories.
  • 14. Content The content of our app shall include: the privacy policy (designed by team members of Jinco) and different screens, Including menu, an account log in page and stories. The stories shall begin once the chosen adventure is clicked, then the user shall read through each part of the story and pick what the character will do next. This is followed by another part of the story etc. etc. until the user completes their story. All of this is also designed by team members of Jinco. These features will be easy to acquire due to the fact we are not using any copyrighted material ;or any material from another source other than our brains.
  • 15. The business model we have chosen makes our app free to install at first, but then to gain access to other content (stories), a fee must be paid . Two stories from each genre will be free at first, this is so the user can try our app, hence if they want, they can pay 0.69 to unlock all of the stories in each genre.
  • 16. 1. Social media, we shall create a page on Facebook and a Twitter account which will inform followers when a new story is available ( this is completely free, yet our best marketing strategy- when users share their stories etc, everybody who sees that will acknowledge it and hence become aware of our app) 2. Possibly sponsors from YouTubers (this is dependant on price, its a weak strategy because the little money we can put into this app will not get us far) 3. Posters in local, community areas such as churches, shops, leisure centers and parks ( a wide range of people will be able to experience the app, and allow others to be informed)
  • 17. App Design Mock-upWe talked to an expert , namely, Tom Canon. He gave us critical feedback which we took into serious consideration and hence altered our plans. Advice he gave us consisted of: integrating social media (sharing good stories on Facebook, Twitter etc.), making less work for ourselves ( gaining trusted users and allowing them to add the stories/updates therefore we dont need to spend an excess of time on updating the app). We talked to potential users and they wished for cheap apps, which we can provide with appropriate content which was also a key feature.
  • 18. PROTOTYPE We have developed a pre-alpha version of our app, showing off the core functions of our app in an unrefined but functional way. We are working on