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  • 1. Prof. Gazi Yaargil is neurosurgeon.He isvery in this field. A)famous B)experience C)deaf D)award

2. The carrymessages betweenthe brain and otherparts of thebody.They are verythin,so it is verydifficult to operate onthem. A)muscles B)legs C)tumor D)nerves 3. We study atoms,electrons andmolecules in A)English B)Maths C)Physics D)Chemistry 4. . he won a Nobel Prize?No, he hasnt won a Nobel Prize . A)have/yet B)has/yet C)has/already D)have / so far 5. . has he been a professor?Since 1980 A)how many B)how tall C)how much D)how long 6. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Haberal did the firstkidney..in 1975 A)education B)transplant C)symposium D)experiment 7. Orhan Pamuk the NobelPrize in 2006 A)won B)win C)wins D)has won 8. After the accident, Maria became.Shecant hear anything A)blind B)deaf C)female D)the flu 9. are the two organs in ourlower back A)eyes B)heart C)livers D)kidneys 10. t is a Turkishorganization.Itencourages andsupports the youngscentists for theirresearch projects A)UNESCO B)UNICEF C)TBTAK D)NASA 11. It was a ..operation.Theexperiment was a big . A)succesful-success B)success/succesful C)success/ successD)succesful/ succesful 12. After I graduated from high school,I won afor my education in the United states ofAmerica A)scholarship B)experiment C)award D)prize 13. Antonio is back in Mexico City.He..italy on trip recently A)has been to B)was C)went D)has gone to 14. I havent eatenanythingyesterday A)ever B)since C)yet D)lately 15. ?I became a professor in 1973 A)When did you become a professor? B)How long did you become a professor? C)When did he become a professor? D)What time did he become a professor? 16. My parents _____ to Spain next week .a) travelled b) travelling c) will travel d)travel 17. 73- The students _____ 40 questions in 30minutes yesterday .a) started b) visited c) answered d)studied 18. If you _____ hard, you will be successful.a) studied b) are studying c) study d)studies 19. A: Can you help me with the housework?B: _____ . I am going out.a) Yes b) Sure c) Im sorry, I cant d) Ofcourse 20. What is his profession? A) dentist B)chemist C)surgeon D)phycist