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Explanation Of Technologies In A2 Media Coursework


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  • 1. Explanation Of Technologies In A2 Media Coursework

2. The Internet The first essential use of technology I used in the research stage of my coursework was the internet and a various range of search engines and websites on it. These were vital in order for me to produce effective research that greatly inspired and informed my production process as it was using these sites that I found all the similar existing products that I analysed as is revealed in the screenshot to the left which shows me using YouTube to view the trailer of the film Limitless. The products such as this that I found and analysed allowed me to greatly understand the conventions of both the genre and form, without which I would not have been able to produce a conventional trailer. 3. I MovieIn order to present the information I discovered in my research, I used a range of further technology that enabled me to present my work in a varied and detailed way. These included programs in Microsoft Office such as Word and PowerPoint which allowed me to write heavily written analysis, deeply exploring the conventions of existing products. To make sure my research was not all identical I also created more visual analysis on I Movie which was not only a technology that enabled me to add my own findings directly to the images of the trailer but also allowed me to practice skills on editing software that would greatly benefit the production stage of my coursework. 4. Google Doc Because I was working with a fellow classmate on the production stage, I set up a Google Doc file with him in which we debated on and wrote down a range of ideas that we could use for our trailer. Because this technology allowed both of us to write down our ideas simultaneously and instantly see what the other person has written. This technology prevented our ideas from clashing in the production process while having a solid plan on what we were going to do. Here is a screen shot of the Google Doc while we were both adding to it. 5. Audience Research Technology Throughout, the research, planning, production and evaluation stages of my coursework, the website survey monkey was used which was the most effective technology in order to achieve the task of reaching a large amount of my audience and gaining a wide range of feedback from them in the form of a questionnaire. I also used a camera to film interviews with a more direct group of the target audience to get instant feedback. This was also filmed on the same camera I used in the production process enabling me to obtain an amount of practice before the start of filming. At the research stage it meant I could find out what my target audiences opinion was on existing products in the genre to find out what were the most popular films and styles to influence my own work. At the planning stage it gathered the same range of peoples opinion on what my plans were for the production to see if anything could be altered to make my work appeal more to the target audience. At the production stage my constant focus group interviews allowed me to have a range more of improvements and things to alter between each draft of my trailer and in the evaluation it enabled me to see if I had eventually achieved the goal of an appealing product and to compare it to the first draft of my work.This screen shot shows me linking my questionnaire to my Facebook account in order to get more feedback. This shows me using another technology, social media which is a vital part of increasing the amount of attention my product received on the internet. 6. Font Sites The font sites FontSpace and Dafont were essential technologies in the production of my ancillary products as all the text for both of these items were obtained from these sites. In my planning process I collected a wide range of potential fonts to experiment with in my ancillary drafts and then narrowed the amount down to the most conventional and eye-catching ones for my actual products. This process was helped by my audience feedback which shows how the different technologies used compliment each other. 7. Filming Technology The camera I used to film my trailer was the Nikon D3200. The high quality of this DSLR camera enabled me to film in 1080p high definition meaning the finished product resembled a professional product more effectively. It also ensured that I was able to pull off the filming of difficult shots (such as the tilt shot that focuses in on the pill pot on the floor) more easily and made it look more conventional in the actual trailer. The camera was also used in the filming of the ancillary products which meant the quality definition was constant in all my production work. It was also used to film the several focus group interviews I shot allowing me to familiarise myself with the technology before filming. 8. Editing Technology The editing software I used was Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12.0 which had a wider range of features than the standard I Movie software. It allowed me to effectively create smooth transitions between the scenes and cut down the footage I had filmed with a level of precision. This meant techniques such as fast paced editing were easy to produce, which meant the finished product was more conventional of the psychological thriller genre. Below this summary is a video showing myself and my colleague editing our video on the software. 9. Technology In Research And Planning Prezi Google Microsoft Office Survey Monkey Popplet GoogleDoc I Movie Fontspace Digital Camera Dafont YouTube Social Media 10. Technology In Production Nikon D3200 Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12.0 Social Media Photoshop 11. Technology In Evaluation Microsoft Office Prezi Popplet Digital Camera I Movie Social Media