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Introducing.BLOGS IN MATH!!!!

What is a blog?A blog is basically a type of website that does special things:Its a personal diaryIts updated regularlyIts published in a reverse order The most recent item is firstReaders have the possibility to leave comments.You can add links and upload photos or other media.You can search for any of your entries.

A sample blog:

How can a blog help us in math?We have a written record of our thoughts.We can see our improvement over time.We can share our thoughts with others.We can improve our reading and writing skills.We can be creative and use technology in a fun way.We can learn from others mistakes.We will be using kidblog

www.kidblog.orgLets get setup!Please get out your laptopVisit the website: www.kidblog.orgWell login together:In the top right corner, click loginType in my e-mail address: reick@nvusd.org Scroll down to the bottom to find the link to our class.Bookmark the site for future use.Click login againFind your name in the drop down boxEnter the password that was given to youFor future use you only need to select your name and type in your password

Blog project

Your creationTask: You will give a 3-5 minute presentation:

Share the layout and look of your blog.Present the steps to solve a word problem.Talk about what you learned.

Project TimelineFrom now on, we will be using our blog every day.Today:Create our first blog entryWeek 1You will be create your own word problems.We will solve them on our blog.Week 2Various word problem practice.Discussions about good mathematical reasoningWeek 3Presentations

RubricCATEGORY4321Mathematical ReasoningUses complex and refined mathematical reasoning.Uses effective mathematical reasoningSome evidence of mathematical reasoning.Little evidence of mathematical reasoning.Time-LimitPresentation is 3-5 minutes long.Presentation is 2 minutes long.Presentation is 1 minutes long.Presentation is less than 1 minuteSteps to solve word problemStudent correctly states all steps to solve the word problem.Student correctly states most of the steps to solve the word problem. There may be one or two omissions.Student correctly states some of the steps to solve the word problem. Many steps are omitted or incorrect.Most of the steps are incorrect or no steps are presented.ConclusionsStudent goes in depth talking about what was learned and shares blog with the class.Student discusses in some detail what was learned and shares blog with class.Student briefly talks about what was learned or blog is incomplete.Student does not talk about what was learned or does not share blog with the class.Any Questions???Todays Assignment:

Answer the following questions:What topic in Algebra is my favorite. What do I need the most help with in Math?

Once you finish, respond to 3 other blogs and give constructive criticism. (positive feedback)