SYNCHRONIZE WATCHES Most organizations have encounter some kind of business seasonality. Drive tighter IT alignment with the business by integrating calendars.

Synchronize watches

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 Most  organizations  have  encounter  some  kind  of  business  seasonality.    

 Drive  tighter  IT  alignment  with  the  business  by  integrating  calendars.  

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Synergy is better than my way or your way. It’s our way. - Stephen Covey

 The  way  we  communicate  is  changing.  In  our  time-­‐strapped  world,  we  need  information  that  we  can    understand  quickly  and  easily.    

 The coordination of activities for programs running across multiple teams has led organizations to create a multitude of reports summarizing activities and outcomes.

 But different groups within organizations operate on different cadences and timelines depending on the kind of work they perform.

 These different rhythms create opportunities for imperfect planning and execution which leads to sub-optimal performance.

 As a service provider to the business, IT is responsible for knowing what customers need and want, and delivering appropriate services better than an external service provider.

 Making sure that priorities, pace of execution, and service quality are inline with business needs are key ways that IT can deliver service better than an outsider.

 Any large organization often uses multiple systems to run the business. But they may not share a common calendar which makes reports harder to understand compare.

This  document  provides  two  examples  of  addressing  this  need  

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Retailers operate on a “4-4-5” calendar.

 Tracking project costs isn’t easy. IT often uses timecards to track the effort being applied for different customers in the organization.

 Reporting on the regular calendar isn’t aligned with business cycles, so isn’t meaningful to retail leaders.

 An analytics solution is able to merge data on different calendars, allowing new questions to be asked:

•  How did prior website investment support current quarter revenue?

•  What will drive more revenue – a new DBA or a mobile developer?

A  retail  “4-­‐4-­‐5”  week  calendar  creates  an  equal  number  of  selling  weekends  in  each  quarter.  

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When school’s out IT can play.

 In most organizations, workload increases on a steady basis with increasing complexity and employee headcount.

 But at universities there is a large new student population each Spring and Fall. So IT is challenged to scale their capacity for each semester.

 To make matters worse students are allowed to “Bring Your Own Device”, making services more complex to deliver.

 Creating polished reports allows IT leaders to show something that faculty leads can understand and find pleasing, lending IT more credibility.

 Integrating student enrollment data and faculty headcount enables ITSM data to be analyzed in relative terms. This provides the basis for improved planning by estimating future needs.

Aligning  calendar  reports  with  university  semesters  allows  leaders  to  make  sense  of  peaks  and  troughs  during  the  year.  

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