SXSW Day 4 Social Media Conversations

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<ul><li> 1. SXSW 2013: A Look at Day Four SocialMedia ConversationsThe Social buzz from Austin for Monday, March 11Jason BoiesBrand Journalist, Salesforce Marketing Cloud@jasonboiesTuesday, March 12, 13</li></ul> <p> 2. 2013 SXSW Day 4: 280,198 Total Social Conversations3000022500 23,99115000Peak of social conversations on Day 4. Conversation 7500around SXSW peaked a little earlier on Day 4 than in past days. The lunchtime crowd,0 combined with more sessions 8am and attendees leaving, drove 12pm 1pm conversation.4pm8pmSocial Media Conversation from Day 4 at SXSW12amTuesday, March 12, 13 3. Elon Musk Still Talked About on Day 4Elon Musk 1,380Julie UhrmanThough Elon Musk amazingly stilldrove the most conversation fromJoshua Topolsky his Day 2 keynote, Julie Uhrmansurged during her day 4 keynote, Tina Roth Eisenbergas did her interviewer, The VergesJoshua TopolskyMatthew Inman037575011251500Tuesday, March 12, 13 4. SXSW 2013 Conversation Drivers: The Onion Parodies SXSWThe parody news site sent a pair of Tweets mocking SXSW, and in return received a ton of shares across social media. Jared Letos Artifact 400documentary film saw a fair amount of Retweets, as did Selena Gomezs account. Shes in town to promote a new movie.300200100 @Mashable0 @SXSW@TheOnion @ArtifactTheFilm @SelenaGomezTuesday, March 12, 13 5. Most Mentioned Startups on SXSW Day 4: People StillIronically Loving HaterBloomfireHaterGlocalHater, an app which allows you toshare all of the things you hate,Eevzdropstill received a lot of love, withBloomfire and Eevzdrop alsoSpeeker seeing some buzz.037.5 75112.5*Based on companies listed in the150SXSW Startup Village Spotlight ListTuesday, March 12, 13 6. SXSW Day 4: Slam Dunk for Shaq Shaquille ONealIts hard to competewith someone as bigas Shaq, as all otherStephen WolfDay 4 speakersfound out. ShaqSteve Casedrove more mentionsthan FoursquaresDennis CrowleyDennis Crowley andAOL Co-FounderKim DotcomSteve Case, among 0 750others. 15002250 3000Tuesday, March 12, 13 7. Thank YouClick Here to Receive theFinal SXSW Data ReportTuesday, March 12, 13</p>