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Surface Casing Vent Testing service in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Contact Surface Solutions Inc. today for more.


<ul><li> 1. Surface Casing Vent Testing Michael Beck V.11.13.13</li></ul> <p> 2. AER directive 2003-01 Recognized as universal procedure across Canada Identifies differences between serious and non-serious surface casing vents Gives alternatives on what equipment to be used to monitor flow rates and stabilized build-up pressure Gives producers the opportunity to track venting issues over a five year period Helps identify pre-abandonment issues when it comes to asset management Helps identify internal or external gas migration 3. SAGD surface casing vent issues 4. Gas venting from casing vent 5. Liquid Surface Casing Vents 6. Typical install of test equipment on gas vent SSI uses standardized low flow positive displacement meters to measure 24 hour flow rate. Dual channel surface data recorders offer redundant pressure data in case of failure while capturing stabilized pressure. After the flow test is complete, SSI installs a 1 PSV to ensure the test does not exceed 11 kPa/m of surface casing setting depth. All SSI manifolds have a double block and bleed system to slowly relieve pressure post test. 7. Surface vent that produces intermittent liquid SSI tests hundreds of surface casing vents annually and found that no two are the same. Even during different times of the calendar year vents can behave differently. This picture shows a light duty fluid separator that allows vent fluid to fall into the tank then gas passes through the outlet and gets measured by a PD meter. A fluid sample is then taken for analysis to determine if the TDS is greater than 4000 mg/litre. 8. Testing a vent with a burst plate installed When 2003-01 was written it did not allow for burst plate (aka rupture disks) discussion or the procedures when testing a surface casing vent that may be holding back pressure and/or fluid. SSI has 1 liquid turbines that can capture rate, volume, and pressure of flow. This data is very important when abandonment programs are written. SSI can calculate the closed chamber AOF and aid remedial work that will need to be done in order to shut off the vent. 9. Unattended liquid producing surface vents can lead to large well bore issues 10. Surface Solutions offers in-depth PDF reports so they can be e-mailed to completion/workover departments that allows discussion and educated decisions. 11. Carbon Isotope analysis offers insight into vent sources SSI completes hundreds of vent tests annually. We challenge ourselves to constantly think of ways to overcome the many challenges that atypical vent flows can bring. As multistage horizontal fracturing increases across Western Canada, SSI has the ability to gather vent gas samples and help producers identify the source of the vent gas. Cement quality AER D-83 Multistage fracs 12. Tracking build-up pressures SSI uses dual channel surface data recorders to identify the stabilized build-uppressure as defined by ERCB in guide 60: 2.5kPa/hr over 6 hour period. Its no longer accepted practice to simply take a deadweight after 24 hours. 13. Conclusion: SSI uses the latest equipment to effectively give you the results needed to make important decisions Established procedures based on over 14 years of personal experience in the field of vent testing Detailed reports can be processed to include laboratory analysis helping classify the vent serious or non-serious Experience in various situations across Western Canada keeps Surface Solutions on top of the industry Innovators like SSI lead the discussion in producers boardrooms to identify possible zonal gas migration to surface and how to monitor, database, and identify solutions to keep hydraulic fracturing safe for the environment. 14. Grande Prairie Head Office#109, 8715 109 street Grande Prairie, Alberta T8V 8H7 Red Deer Operations Bay 7, 7421 Edgar Industrial Drive Red Deer, Alberta T4P 3R2 Saskatchewan Operations 1514 4th street Estevan, Saskatchewan S4A 0X6 Calgary Sales Office Suite 1600, 144 4th Ave. SW Calgary, Alberta T2P 3N4</p>


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