Supernatural creatures

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Supernatural Creatures

Supernatural CreaturesBelieve it or not but they exist

What is Supernatural?It in Simple word which means:Super=amazingNatural=NatureWhen combined it forms and conclude superior of nature or it break laws of nature in other word paranormal

MermaidAn imaginary creatures with upper body of Women and tail of fish but recently discovered they exist just like piranha fish and their documentary and yet more to be discovered

Aliens & UFOIn simple it means creatures of different planetAnd UFO means unidentified flying object

YETI & BIGFOOTA big hairy human-like creatures believed by some people to live in Himalayas mountainIn USA it is referred as bigfoot generally found in forest of California

Ghost & witchesThe spirit of a dead person sometimes represented as a pale, almost transparent image of that person, which some people believe appears to people who are live


Someone who in Stories, changes into a wolf at the time of full moon


A dead person who comes back to life and suck blood from other people at night


An imaginary creatures with magical powers, usually represented as a very small person with wings