Summery of socail media

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  • 1. Social Media Strategy KitWhy does our company need a social presence?In todays world full of new media and digital communication technologies, companiesof all sizes and industries have a huge opportunity to expand the reach of their messagesusing social media.Below are some other benefits our company will experience by utilizing social media: Affordable Marketing. Viral Nature. Enhances Brand. Builds Credibility. Increases Traffic. Engages Customers.What we will learn from this social media strategy kit?To help our company get started with social media, WSI has created this social mediastrategy kit, which contains best practices, checklists, templates, tools and resources soyour company can: Educate yourself and your staff on social media. Ensure social media policies and guidelines are established. Ensure your brand is protected and consistent. Create a social media in your PR Endeavours Measure your social activities. Monitor your online brand reputation.

2. Establish a digital crisis management strategy for social damage control.Social media policy template: Overview. Details/ procedure. The following outlines the guidelines you are to follow when using the ABC brand in social media:1. Branding & Promotion.2. Communication & behavior.3. Confidentiality & Privacy.General social media guidelines:Be Transparent.Be Judicious.Write what you knowPerception is reality.Its a conversation. Are you adding value?Your Responsibility.Create some excitement.Be a leader.Did you screw up?If it gives you pause, pause.The Top 5 Social Portals: 1. Twitter. 2. Linked in. 3. Facebook. 4. You Tube. 5. Blogs.Twitter:What is Twitter?Twitter is an online portal based on continual updates of your personal or businessactivity. Its primary service is for friends, family, and co-workers to communicate andstay connected through the exchange of quick. 3. What Do Companies Use Twitter for?Customer service.Public relations & news.Advertising of new products.Thought leadership & knowledge sharing.Research & development.5 Ways to Get People to follow you on Twitter: 1. Follow them. 2. Post some good Tweets right before following someone else. 3. Complete your company Bio. 4. Add your Twitter feed to your Blog and other social media profiles. 5. Replay to people you are following (especially if they are not yet following you).LinkedIn:What is LinkedIn?Linked in is a business-oriented social networking site mainly used for professionalnetworking and as of April 2010, it had grown to more than 65 million registered users inover 200 countries.How to leverage LinkedIn in your company?Connect with other members from your company.Join groups.Create your own group.Answer questions.Use LinkedIns direct advertising.Integrate LinkedIn into your marketing.10 Ways to fully leverage your LinkedIn profile: 1. Ask to connect. 2. The more you give, the more you get. 3. Use keywords that people will likely be using in their searches. 4. Dont hide. 5. Recommend. 4. 6. Update your status. 7. Personalize your URL. 8. Join industry groups. 9. Ask & you shall receive. 10. Spread the love.Facebook:What is Facebook?Facebook is a social networking service that lets you connect with friends, co-workers,and others who share similar interests or have common backgrounds.How to leverage Facebook in your company:Facebook pages.Polls.Advertising.5 Best Practices on Promoting your Facebook Fan Page: 1. Create an engaging page. 2. Leverage the viral nature of Facebook (The news feed). 3. Draw on your existing network. 4. Make your page publicly searchable. 5. Use Facebook ads for an extra push.YouTube:What is YouTube?YouTube is the leader in online video, and the premier destination to watch and shareoriginal videos worldwide through a web experience.4 Steps to Getting your Videos Ranked Higher: 1. Add a descriptive title to your video. 2. Make your descriptive content clear and specific. 3. Provide accurate tags. 4. Embedded videos. 5. Blog:What is Blog?A Blog is type of website that is geared towards specific topics with a goal of providingits audience with frequent postings of information.5 Reasons why you should have a company Blog: 1. The ultimate humanizer. 2. Easy distribution. 3. Better than your Email newsletter. 4. Great place for comment. 5. SEO benefits.7 Secrets to Successful Blogging: 1. Narrow cast. 2. Invite a conversation. 3. Always link, always be relevant. 4. Write for web readers. 5. Publish consistently. 6. Take risks. 7. Be authentic.7 steps to launching a social media PR campaign: 1. Define your main PR points. 2. Draft a press release. 3. Make your PR social. 4. Distribute your press release. 5. Share your PR with your online community. 6. Pass the message on. 7. Follow up. 6. Optimizing your press ReleaseTips to consider when optimizing your press release: Do your keyword research. Start with the headline. Pay special attention to the first paragraph. Link to relevant pages on your website. Include links to multimedia content.