Students make money in selling apps

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When you are a student, you are quite short of money. You take temporary jobs to earn some money in fast-foods. But in these jobs, you will not learn many things to say the least. Clearly you will learn the value of money and teamwork, but this it. Why will selling applications be a better way of earning money ? Actually there are a lot of reason and I will share with you some of them.

Text of Students make money in selling apps

  • 1. Students: Make money in selling Apps
  • 2. An enormous market with potential. A buoyant Market
  • 3. The number of smartphones in the world increases every single day. A Buoyant Market
  • 4. A competitive market with a lot of opportunities A buoyant Market
  • 5. a lot of opportunities because people check their smartphones all the time. A buoyant Market
  • 6. A promising future
  • 7. Why should students start this activity ?
  • 8. Waiter, cashier, fast food employee There are not fulfilling jobs. Classical student jobs
  • 9. For a Job, the most important thing is experience. People who start their business have an advantage. Only a few students develop their own business, it will be a plus when you will search a job. Recruiters loves students who have been auto- entrepreneurs. A good knowledge practice
  • 10. Determination Motivation What you need ?
  • 11. Understand company problematic. Practice your knowledge. And to earn money. A way to deepen knowledge
  • 12. How does it work ?
  • 13. No engagement policy. You can stop whenever you want. No engagement
  • 14. TigerAppCreator platform has done a fair price. Creation is free. A one-time fee of $120 when you publish your app. Hosting cost of $5/mo. And this is it ! How does it cost ?
  • 15. One of the less expensive development price in the market. You will be competitive on this market. Selling applications
  • 16. If you want to know more concerning our reseller program or TigerAppCreator visit: Thanks for reading this
  • 17. New Relic : Sources