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Structure 2014 - Cloud trends - Battery

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Presentation from Gigaom's Structure 2014 conference, June 21-22 in San Francisco Quantifying the iot Craig Labovitz, Co-Founder and CEO, DeepField #gigaomlive More at

Text of Structure 2014 - Cloud trends - Battery

  • 1. CLOUD TRENDSAdrian CockcroftBattery Ventures

2. Cloud TrendsAdrian Cockcroft @adriancoTechnology Fellow - Battery VenturesStructure, San FranciscoJune 2014 3. Cloud [email protected] job at theintersection ofcloud andEnterprise IT2009 2014%*&!By Simon Wardley 4. 1PublicIaaS2CloudTechnologies3EnterpriseSaaS 5. Enterprise IaaS ConcernsStaying PowerSupportScaleLocation1 6. Safe Bets 7. The Global Land-GrabAzureAWSGCE?15 Regions10 Regions3 Regions????? 8. Questions we keephearing about cloudAre startupsadopting GoogleCompute Engine? 9. Everything vs. Snapchat148 Customers with funding of $8B 24 Customers with funding of $780MAWS listed 426 case studies at and Quid found 148GCE listed 56 case studies at and Quid found 24 10. Whats going on atDigital Ocean?Questions we keephearing about cloud 11. Winning at Developer AdoptionStructure 2013 10,000Structure 2014 200,000 12. Cloud TechnologiesAgilityFunctionalityCost savings2 13. Questions we keephearing about cloudWho will win thePaaS battle? 14. Docker All The ThingsContainerCommunicationsOrchestrationPolicy 15. Will OpenStackreplace VMware?Questions we keephearing about cloud 16. Hybrid Cloud WarsStabilityFunctionalityTotal Cost ofOwnership 17. Vendors will co-optand fragmentOpenStack 18. 3 SaaSEverythingEnterpriseEverywhere 19. Where is the fastestgrowth in SaaS?Questions we keephearing about cloud 20. Top SaaS Investment AreasMany thanks to Kartik Sundar for advice and support 21. This is the year thatEnterprises finallyembraced cloud. 22. Forward Thinking 23. See you next yearAdrian Cockcroft @adriancoTechnology Fellow - Battery VenturesStructure, San FranciscoJune 2014

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