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Streaming media is a unique testing tools for streaming that makes radio performance directly visible on the screen


<ul><li> 1. Streaming Media A enabler </li></ul> <p> 2. Streaming MediaInvestigate the possibilities of deliveringvideo to the of mobile phones, but also otherdevices. We provide unique testing tools that makesradio performance directly visible on thescreen, and detailed knowledge about thetransport and session is accessible for you ina live web-based monitor. 2 3. Why Streaming Media?Streaming is the major path to provide video content tomobile phones. However, mobile devices come in many different flavors, sodetailed knowledge is needed to make streaming available to asmany phones as possible. We are working with standardization and prototyping ofstreaming and have therefore developed tools that can be veryuseful in in investigation potential issues and optimizingstreaming transport. We have bundled some of our tools to provide you with themeans to investigate, experiment with and monitor how media isstreamed to your mobile phone or other devices. 3 4. Main features3GPP-compliant, IMTC-tested streaming serverUnique Visual Loss Source: Packet Losses Packet losses shown as missing bricks Can test various bitratesTest content with many different encodingsLive Monitor: Follow the state of anVisual Loss Sourceon-going streaming sessionOff-line log of your testsREST-API for accessing the test dataCollaborative list of working phone/contentcombinations Live Monitor More features to come: Adaptive streaming, Possibility to upload your content 4 5. Streaming Media Overview5 6. Live Monitor: Screen-ShotIP StatisticsReplay capturedMessage Direction, Sequence Number Events as time progressesTime, since TCP connection established Live UpdatesExpand for Message Details 6 7. 7 </p>


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