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<p>Polycom &amp; deployment challenges</p> <p>A204: Unique Deployment Challenges for Mobile Video in the EnterpriseMay 14, 2014Peter LurieConsulting Engineer Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved. Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved.#1Peter Luriehas been focusing medium &amp; large organizations on the key things they need to improve communication and collaboration. This includes not just unifying their voice &amp; video environments, but also the plans, policies and procedures to make them effective. With a focus on ease of use, driving adoption, and showing measurable business results Peter has been collaborating around the globe with internal and external customers, partners and prospective customers for the last 13+ years. Hes currently a Consulting Engineer at Polycom. </p> <p>Polycom = 2</p> <p> Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved.#2A204: Unique Deployment Challenges for Mobile Video in the EnterpriseThis session will explain the unique challenges enterprises face with mobile video, including wireless networks, bring your own device initiatives, and will provide some technical recommendations and best practices. Hear about the major considerations for deploying mobile video in the enterprise, from content creation to delivery. The session will cover the pros and cons of multiples approaches, and how they can drastically impact the cost and quality of your mobile video deployment. Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved.#3End Users Requirements:I want anyone to create or watch anything from anywhere in the enterprise on any device.But only if theyre authorized.And it has to be secure.And it has to be auditable.And work on our existing network.And on the internet.And be scalable.And easy.And free (or show a ROI!)</p> <p> Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved.#4Like the universe, the Enterprise is expanding</p> <p>Not this Enterprise. But employees do want to connect from anywhere. You want employees to connect from anywhere so they can do their job. Better. Faster. Cheaper.</p> <p>To me, mobile is any device without a LAN cord. Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved.#5To your salespeople, this is part of the enterprise</p> <p> Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved.#To be successful they need to be able to enter their SFDC data, get their email, and find whatever other information they need. Yes that includes finding and playing a quick training video from starbucks. 6If your job is to assemble this tower, then this has to be part of your enterprise.</p> <p> Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved.#If youre the guy on the tower who needs to be able to pull up the installation or troubleshooting guide while theyre up there, thaen they need to be able to do it. 7Deployment decisions support users</p> <p>More than with most systems, put resources near the users. What formats do you need to support? BYOD = iPads only? Transcode where ever necessary. Understand your network architecture, security rules. Can you leverage a hosted environment? Should you? Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved.#Put server in Miami, in/near the internet to support users. Multiple servers on the internet? Use a service provider to host media? My preference is to still have the authorization &amp; reporting and Am I an insurance co with agents outside who all need to view live &amp; recorded information? Is my solution highly confidential. Must it all be internal? 8Network architecture must support deployment</p> <p>Understanding your network &amp; users helps determine the network bottlenecks. Does your network routing match your design? If the links between SF/Miami are 10mb and the links through NYC are 1gb, can we tweak the routing to support the users?</p> <p> Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved.#Best practice design for where the usres are. 9Focus your design around the users</p> <p>Adoption is key: Building a solution that is easy to use and manage, and that interoperates with other systems helps drive adoption &amp; user satisfaction.Your partner matters: Ensure you have an organization behind you that is financially sound and continuing to invest in mobile video. These are long term solutions &amp; your choice of partner matters. Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved.#I met a customer yesterday thats using version 2.5 of Polycoms solution. Theyre looking to move to the current version, 6.6. 10Thank</p> <p> @luriep</p> <p> Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved. Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved.#</p>