Stone Age Vocabulary

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  • 1. Stone Age Vocabulary

2. Prehistory

  • Long period of time before people developed systems of writing.

3. Archaeology

  • study of past cultures through the things that remain such as buildings, tools, or pottery.

4. Archaeologist

  • A scientist who uncovers evidence, or proof, from the past.

5. Artifact

  • an object made by people long ago

6. Migrate

  • to move from one place to another

7. Glacier

  • Huge Ice Sheets

8. Domesticate

  • To Tame

9. Harvest

  • To Gather

10. Agriculture

  • Raising of plants and animals for human use

11. Technology

  • The way humans produce the items they use

12. Nomad

  • Person who travels from place to place, without permanent home

13. Carbon Dating

  • Method of estimating the age of something after it has died

14. Excavation Site

  • Site where archaeologist uncover artifacts

15. Anthropology

  • The study of how people have developed and live in cultural groups

16. Culture

  • The way in which individuals and groups react with their environment, including their technology, customs, beliefs, and art.

17. Diverse

  • Different