Steven Geiger - Skolkovo - International Best Practices in Innovation Management

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An overview of the new innovation center being built in Skolkovo, Russia. Describes the strategy, investment and infrastructure of this strategic initiative of the Russian government.

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2. SOME BACKGROUND ON SKOLKOVOSkolkovo is a strategic development initiative to: Diversify and grow Russias economythrough innovation and entrepreneurship Develop human capital through world-class research and education Fully-integrate Russian technologyinto the global economy Create globally-competitiveknowledge-based companies 2 3. SKOLKOVOS RECIPE FOR INNOVATIONOpen, transparent, and fair: essential toattract world-class talent, institutions andbusinessesInternational standardsMaximum private sector participationSelf-sustaining over timePhysical and virtual layers 3 4. WHATS THE PROBLEM IN RUSSIA?Normal Technology Life CycleTechnology maturity / market acceptancePrivate Large CorporatesEquity IPOs Commoditization of Technology Entrepreneurs Early Late Mid Basic AppliedResearchResearch VCTime 4 5. WHATS THE PROBLEM IN RUSSIA?Current Russian SituationThe Gap: Research not linked to marketTechnology maturity / market acceptance Little early-stage financing or services Result: weak commercializationPrivate Large CorporatesEquity IPOs Commoditization of TechnologyEntrepreneurs Early Late Mid Basic AppliedResearchResearch VCTime 5 6. WHATS THE SOLUTION? Close this gap with tools for innovation and commercializationTechnology maturity / market acceptance Skolkovo EcosystemSkolkovo Institute Large CorporatesInnovation Center 5 clusters Commoditization of TechnoparkTechnology Key partners Entrepreneurs VC Virtual Skolkovo Early Mid Late BasicAppliedResearch ResearchCity InfrastructureTime6 7. LETS SEE HOW THESE DRIVE INNOVATION 1. THE INSTITUTE7 8. SKOLKOVO INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGYWorlds first graduateuniversity to fully-integrate research,education, innovationand entrepreneurship Core of Skolkovo ecosystemStrategic partner: Source of high-caliber talent 1200 graduate students and 300faculty/post-docs by 2018 5 programs, 15 research centers(each with 3-4 labs) 8 9. UNIQUE PLATFORM FOR GLOBAL COLLABORATIONResearch Centers SIST MIT Energy ProgramRussian &ITinternationalPrograminstitutionsBiomedProgramSpaceProgramNuclearProgram 9 10. SO HOW DOES THIS DRIVE INNOVATION IN RUSSIA?1. World-class R&D2. Open platform = fresh ideas3. Program-based = cross-disciplinary innovation4. CEI ensures innovation is in the organizations DNA5. Contract research: new for Russia, change corporate mentality 10 11. 2. THE INNOVATION CENTER11 12. INNOVATION CENTER 5technologyclusters TechnoparkKey partners12 13. 5 TECHNOLOGY CLUSTERSEnergy: efficiency, saving, new energy technologyIT: software, engineering, devices Biomed: biotech, drugs, devices Space: telecoms, navigation, Reflecting 5 imaging, life systemsmodernizationpriorities of theRussian Nuclear: medicine, energy, government materials 13 14. HOW DO CLUSTERS DRIVE INNOVATION?1. Find innovative startups2. Pair with international experts3. Challenge strategy4. Provide VC interface5. Conduct international roadshows, force companies to measure themselves against the best14 15. TECHNOPARKSkolkovoInstituteOtherClusters universities Startups &Spin-offsSkolkovoMarket Corporate Incubationfundsassistance services FundingExternal VCsInfrastructure Technopark 15 16. HOW DOES TECHNOPARK DRIVE INNOVATION?1. Nurtures startups & spinoffs2. Collaborative environment3. Services (IP management, international access)4. Interface with VCs and SIST5. Turnover management = create sense of urgency16 17. KEY PARTNERSInternational companies Russian companies17 18. HOW DO KEY PARTNERS DRIVE INNOVATION?1. Create and operate R&D centers in Skolkovo2. Bring best international practices in R&D and commercialization3. Co-invest in promising Skolkovo start-ups4. Provide early commercialization opportunities for Skolkovo startups5. Fund research at SIST 18 19. SOME PERSONAL EXPERIENCE DRIVING OTHERWORLD-CLASS INNOVATIONChallenge:Turn a tiny country (400,000 citizens) with few scientific ortechnological resources into a world leader in innovativegreen technologiesResults achieved: (2006-2010) Dominant investor in green technology ($15 billion) Worlds first zero-carbon city under construction Awarded UN Headquarters for Renewable Energy Worlds largest offshore wind farm (London Array) Worlds largest CSP plant (Shams 1) Worlds first 24-hour solar power plant (Gemasolar)19 20. SOME PERSONAL EXPERIENCE DRIVING OTHERWORLD-CLASS INNOVATIONCase study of Masdar PV: innovative thin-film photovoltaicsMasdar PV August 2008December 2008August 2009 Required simultaneously innovating the technology and theproduction process Speed was critical: 12 months from groundbreak to first production Intensely international: American supplier, European management,Middle East financing, German R&D, global market 20 21. LESSONS LEARNED Innovation is intensive global collaboration Incremental innovation vs. step-change: which are you,does your industry accommodate, is your time-to-market realistic? Excessive attempts to limit risk inherently limit chancesof success There is no alternative to innovation, learn to live with it 21 22. THANK YOUFor more information, please contact:Steven Or visit our website:www.i-gorod.com22