Staying connected despite our busy lives

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  • In this day and age, where people are so caught up, focused and immersed on their personal lives, they forget the things that really matter in this world

    like their friends, family and other loved ones.

  • While there is absolutely nothing wrong with striving hard in school, focusing on their

    respective careers and chasing their loftiest dreams and goals in

    life to reach the peak of their potentials and the pinnacle of

    success, they often lose sight of what is important and neglect the

    people around them.

  • And that is why it is a sad reality of life that there are a lot of busy parents

    who work so hard to provide, pamper and spoil their children with their wants

    and needs but they are virtually strangers to one another because they

    do not talk and spend time together.

  • This is a serious cause for concern especially for parents because the world is

    full of dangerous elements such as predators, bad influences and criminals

    who prey on the innocence of young and nave children.

  • Even a seemingly harmless portable wifi device from Singapore can lead children straight to the deepest and darkest bowels of the Internet that are

    overflowing with malicious, depraved and horrendous content.

    Instead of using this technology to aid them in their school work, it can lead them straight to harm and that is why parents need to stay on top of things.

  • First of all, they need to connect on a deeper level and talk sincerely with their children and this only works if they have mutual trust, respect and

    love for one another.

    Spending quality time on the breakfast table before going their

    separate ways and then talking about how their day went while eating dinner

    is a great way to stay in touch for families.

  • Everyone should be given the chance to speak their mind, share their opinions and voice out their concerns and wishes without being rudely cut off and judged


    But they should also do so in a calm, constructive and nonaggressive manner because miscommunication breeds contempt and discord.

  • Secondly, instead of spending all their time on the Internet as they watch funny videos, chat with their friends and fuss over their personal accounts in social

    media websites,

    they should turn off their portable wifi router from Singapore and actually connect with the people around them.

  • Something as simple as watching a movie, playing board games and going

    for a long walk in the park gives people the chance to bond, have fun

    and reconnect with each other without the aid of the Internet.

  • Last but not the least, parents should always know where their children are, who they are with and what they are

    doing at all times.

    And the best way to do that is to have a fully charged pocket wifi at all times so

    that they can call or send instant messages wherever they may be.

  • This is a tricky situation though because parents should also trust their children and respect their privacy.

    With that said, children must first earn that trust and prove to their parents that they are responsible, honest and wise enough to keep their nose clean and stay

    out of trouble.


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