Social Media Workshop :Tips and tricks Of Social Media Marketing

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If you want to create your online presence, what do you need to know first!? These are some interesting precise tips for you to start thinking of how to create the optimum online presence


  • 1.INTERACT SOCIAL MEDIA WOKSHOP Tips and tricks Cairo, June 23rd

2. Social Media Marketing TipsWhere do we reallystart 3. 1st Stage Your Current Status!Ask SomeImportantQuestions! 4. Social Media Marketing Tips Whats YourGoal!? Maintaining Relations? Building Awareness? Selling?4 24/06/2010INTERACT SOCIAL MEDIA SPACE 5. Social Media Marketing TipsWhats YourBudget?84% Marketers think its necessary to shift to online media marketing.Cost Effective 5 24/06/2010 INTERACT SOCIAL MEDIA SPACE 6. Message you What is the want to send?!? Remember to keep your Tone and Style aligned with your Brand Image. 624/06/2010 INTERACT SOCIAL MEDIA SPACE 7. Target Do you know yourAudience!? Know them well Understand their language and their Mediums AKA : Social Networks! 7 24/06/2010 INTERACT SOCIAL MEDIA SPACE 8. Social Media Marketing Tips Whats YourPlatform and Why!?Facebook? Twitter? You Tube?! Linked in? Apps!? Games? Etc! - Your choice based on your Targets - Your Taregts based on your Goals8 24/06/2010 INTERACT SOCIAL MEDIA SPACE 9. 2nd Stage Your Social Media IdentityWhatsNext!? 10. Social Media Marketing Tips Create Your PresenceReflect Who you are maintain your character Keep your IdentityPromote yourself take your in-store personality online10 24/06/2010INTERACT SOCIAL MEDIA SPACE 11. Your Customer Vs. Your Social Media Efforts 1124/06/2010INTERACT SOCIAL MEDIA SPACE 12. Social Media Marketing Tips Build Trust & Credibility portray yourself as an Expertit shows how established and reliable you are!Thats promotion, too!12 24/06/2010INTERACT SOCIAL MEDIA SPACE 13. Social Media Marketing TipsBe Fun use attractive means to capture the attention.Social Media is not newspapers Its a two-way communicationInteractive & lively1324/06/2010INTERACT SOCIAL MEDIA SPACE 14. 3rd Stage Your ResultsHow toGuaranteeFavorable Results!? 15. Engage Engage yourself with your targets and engage your targets with you.Initiate a Conversation!It Gives a SOUL to your Online Marketing! 15 24/06/2010INTERACT SOCIAL MEDIA SPACE 16. Share ContentTrue Lemon has grown its FacebookPage from 1,034 fans to 7,000 inthree months by asking fans to interactand share content1624/06/2010INTERACT SOCIAL MEDIA SPACE 17. Involve! Important : achieve a level of involvement withyour audience!!Create a dynamic online persona. No one wants to read a Twitter stream that onlydeals with menu updates or sales people wantto engage with a brand.Make it Personal! 1724/06/2010INTERACT SOCIAL MEDIA SPACE 18. People want their service/ProductLISTEN Providers, to listen to what theyneed! They need Careand Attention! They will stick to you..If you listen to them! 18 24/06/2010INTERACT SOCIAL MEDIA SPACE 19. ACT Promptly!19 24/06/2010INTERACT SOCIAL MEDIA SPACE 20. Measure & MonitorSocial Media made it easy for you tomeasure the results of your efforts, fasterthen ever! Faster than any other media! You Get instant feedback.You Make Immediate Actions 2024/06/2010INTERACT SOCIAL MEDIA SPACE 21. All the Results 21 24/06/2010INTERACT SOCIAL MEDIA SPACE 22. ARE 22 24/06/2010INTERACT SOCIAL MEDIA SPACE 23. Hanging 23 24/06/2010INTERACT SOCIAL MEDIA SPACE 24. By 2424/06/2010INTERACT SOCIAL MEDIA SPACE 25. Your 2524/06/2010INTERACT SOCIAL MEDIA SPACE 26. CONSISTENCY! Its not about how many social media networks You are on. Its about how deep you are with Each! How consistent you are with your targets. You must follow up to achieve the optimum Mutual Benefit between you and your customers.26 24/06/2010INTERACT SOCIAL MEDIA SPACE 27. If you use this Media appropriately? 2724/06/2010 INTERACT SOCIAL MEDIA SPACE 28. If you use this Media appropriately? 2824/06/2010 INTERACT SOCIAL MEDIA SPACE 29. You wont be spending 29 24/06/2010INTERACT SOCIAL MEDIA SPACE 30. Youll Rather be Investing!!30 24/06/2010INTERACT SOCIAL MEDIA SPACE 31. Interact Egypt7B Omar Shaaban,Nasr city, Cairo Grazie!Contacts:sales@interact.itPhone: 2024149624 24/06/2010 31 INTERACT SOCIAL MEDIA SPACE