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  • 1.SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGStephanie McCratic- Social Media Director, Acumen Brands- Founder & Editor, EvolvedMommyMonday, May 20, 13

2. BEYOURSELFFirst, know your brand identity. Be truthful about who you reallyare and then own it. Gigglesnorts and all.@evolvedmommyMonday, May 20, 13 3. BEWARETHE GURU I follow sparkly objects Gurus & experts Share the love Scratching the surface(Disclaimer)@evolvedmommyMonday, May 20, 13 4. STICK WITHTHE WINNERSYou cant do it all, so do what works.@evolvedmommyMonday, May 20, 13 5. It doesnt matter whether you want to grow trafc to your blog, nd your audience orconvert your readers into buyers, social media can be a powerful tool. Well talk aboutwhich channels accomplish what; whos doing it right and how to copy them; and whatyou can do right now to reach your goals fastest.Goal Channels Champion ActionFind youraudienceTwitterYouTube@Tykerman1Taco BellThe Wine Library# searchwatch competitorsIncreasetrafc to yourblog/websiteContent & SEOFacebookPinterestTwitterFresh Eggs DailyThe SmallThings BlogAdd images to everypostPin & Facebook yourcontentConvert yourreadersFacebookGoogle AdsEmail marketingCountryOuttterTry an ad on Facebookor GoogleSend an emailLofty GoalsMonday, May 20, 13 6. FARM BLOGSYour blog - uniquely youCommunity/Relevant blogs - SEO, PR & awarenessMonday, May 20, 13 7. TWITTERMonday, May 20, 13 8. FACEBOOK EdgeRank Determines how many of your fans see your posts Read great (and brief) explanations here, here and here. From unhappy customer to brand ambassador Be True If your audience came to you as a brand with a good understanding of who you are anddecided to like you anyway, then they want what you have to offer. So give it to them. No fuzzy kitties (Ex: CountryOuttter)Monday, May 20, 13 9. IMAGES.Monday, May 20, 13 10. VS.Monday, May 20, 13 11. FACEBOOK Images Short captions 1-2 lines NO MORE Ask a simple, one-word-answer question Know your personality and let it show through More Images 403x403 or 843x403 - Recent, and very important lesson Dimensions infographic Try Photoshop Elements (Its like Photoshop light) Post image w/ link in caption vs. posting linkMonday, May 20, 13 12. vs.@evolvedmommySeriously. Images.Monday, May 20, 13 13. PINTEREST Watermark your images 554px Infographic (clickable) Edit the link Follow & comment Community boardsMonday, May 20, 13 14. OFFENSEVS. DEFENSEYou will make mistakes, but worse things could happenMonday, May 20, 13 15. RESOURCES Therapy Google. Just Google. Laura K Roeder The Dash Twitter (hashtags & lists) Lets talk about Eazy E & #NWA Ask your community for tips Seth Godin Facebook Groups Competitors - watch what they are doing, then do it better Hire it out. Lets talk. I can connect you.Monday, May 20, 13 16. Q&AThank you!Stephanie, May 20, 13


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