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1. Worcester County Sheriffs Office Social Media Analysis SOCIAL MEDIA & MARKETING FINAL PRESENTATION 2. WORCESTER COUNTY SHERIFFS OFFICE SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYSIS LOOK AT EXISTING SOCIAL MEDIA WITH QUANITATIVE & QUALITATIVE ANALYSIS DISCUSS GROUNDSWELL PRINCIPLES NEW APPLICATIONS STRATEGY AND LONG TERM SOCIAL MEDIA GOALS 3. * First thing every morning, check sites like Addictomatic as well as Google Searches for content on the web about Worcester County Sheriffs Office & Sheriff Evangelidis 4. SHERIFFS FACEBOOK PAGE *Responsible for managing 3 FaceBook Pages Sheriff Evangelidis, Worcester County Sheriffs Office & Worcester County Reserve Deputy Sheriffs Association 5. *Strongest of all 3 Facebook Pages almost 4,000 FB Friends *Groundswell likes a mix of fun, informative and personal content, example New Balance Sneaker Post 6. WCSO OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE Over 1,300 Friends on FB for Worcester County Sheriffs Office Page Content here for the Groundswell has to be professional and public safety oriented 7. Example of Public Safety Content Iris Scan Program for Children Post Groundswell seems to be fascinated by posts of inside walls of jail Also use FB as a tool to post WCSO Job Openings 8. Story goes National with PBS thanks to Social Media Meet WCSO K-9 Nikita Nikita will star in episode 4 of National PBS Series Shelter Me 9. Story was featured in Telegram & Gazette and run by every paper in Worcester County lots of exposure on the web & social media The Groundswell LOVES great stories about animals 10. RESERVE DEPUTY FACEBOOK PAGE Smallest following of all the FaceBook Pages Charitable arm of Sheriffs Department Most of the Groundswell (Reserve Deputies) tend to be older demographic 11. *FaceBook Posts here are for Food & Coat Drives and other Charitable Works Recent posts highlight professional athletes and new Reserve Deputies Former New England Patriot Joe Andruzzi and New England Revolution Soccer Star Diego Fagundez 12. FACEBOOK INSIGHTS Receive weekly FaceBook Analytics FaceBook Insights Total Page likes up slightly .4% , Total Reach up 76.9% from previous week Try to keep content fresh, new & interesting to drive traffic 13. WORCESTERCOUNTYSHERIFF.COM W3 Web Award GoldInternational Academy of the Visual ArtsWorcester County Sheriffs OfficeWebsite Design Award Winning Web-Site 14. WORCESTERCOUNTYSHERIFF.COM DASHBOARD *Responsible for Back-End Maintenance -Posting Press Releases, News Articles etc.. * Always utilize SEO (Search Engine Optimization, lots of tags!!) *Word Press Updates *Track Analytics Dashboard - Visits, Pageviews, Bounce Rate, New Visits 15. LEW EVANGELIDIS @SHERIFFLEW Growing Platform Only 239 Followers, 176 Tweets Utilizing more now with #sherifflew hashtags, retweets, tweeting pics, following others 16. Sheriff Lew Evangelidis : Where are you heading? 17. YouTube Analytics YouTube is not biggest Social Media Platform for WCSO Will continue to make short video clips when possible Will continue post videos on FB page and Website 18. INCORPORATE GROUNDSWELL PRINCIPLES Tapping the Groundswell with Twitter There is more to Twitter than Meets the Eye Twitter supports all 5 objectives Listening, Talking, Energizing, Supporting & Embracing of the Groundswell More Effective Uses of Twitter for Worcester County Sheriffs Office: Begin to Co-Tweet or Tweet-Deck Set up Tweet Card for FREE Twitter Analytics Respond, Retweet and Link According to The Groundswell: Twitter may be among the simplest, most powerful social tools you can use. Just make sure you integrate it with the rest of your social channels. 19. Groundswell Strategy WCSO Social Media Management Made Easy Using Hootsuite Will now begin to use Hootsuite to manage all social media networks from one place Can create custom content, schedule messages, reply, retweet and like messages and perform a range of social media actions directly from one stream Hootsuite Dashboard Will now begin to add MORE Social Network Platforms Instagram, Flickr, Vimeo, YouTube Will now be able to reach the Groundswell with WCSO message more efficiently and effectively


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