Social Media Marketing Broadcasting Your Brand

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Social media marketing is on a roll now-a-days, and it's hard to resist the temptation to catch up with the trend to reap the benefits of a new strategy.


  • 1. Social Media Marketing - Broadcasting Your BrandSocial media marketing is on a roll now-a-days, and it's hard to resist the temptation to catch up with the trend to reap the benefits of a new strategy. Here Social media provides brands with the option to interact with consumers and get them to popularize the brand message. If done correctly, social media can turn brand representatives into brand champion.With so many programs available, anyone with Internet access can become an author through networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. Its interesting to view various trends take shape and gain enterprise, where Customers can voice their opinions, experiences and thoughts.Keeping track on how other companies are utilizing technologies and propelling changes to push their business forward can be rewarding. Now most of the media sites and high-profile e-commerce sites have adopted social sharing, therefore providing social networking buttons along with the articles allowing readers to easily share the article with friends. Look down to the bottom of any article and share it with everyone in your network.What motivates people to share is important as social media cant be treated as a traditional marketing tool. To hit the bulls eye in social media marketing means creating a viral campaign that motivates the users to share in the first place, as simply placing a social sharing link on a web page is not enough. Moreover, a company that knows the pulse of its users can boost its message into the extreme reaches of cyberspace.The motivators that encourage people to share wisdom fall into four buckets: Voicing your views, Achieving status, Social conscience, Self-serving.1). Voicing your views - Normally in marketing, people are motivated by cash, coupons, discounts etc. But in social media, the principal motivator is voicing your views. The promotion that attracts is the one which allows customers to express themselves.2). Achieving status - Companies indulge in status building exercises whereby loyal customers are granted special benefits. This increase in status among peers acts as an extremely effective motivator for many.3). Social conscience - Some companies try to make best use of the do-gooder in everyone by inviting them to share views not only 4 commercial purposes but also for the benefit of the public.4). Self- serving Combination of self-serving offers along with status achievement can yield favorable results.Online users are quick and smart, they go along with the trends. So once the company knows the taste of its audiences then its easy to target them with appropriate messages and promotions. This may seem like a tedious task but in the long run its rewarding. Semaphore Software possess a great expertise and a rich experience in offering Affordable SEO Services, Link Building Services, SEM Services, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Reputation Management


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