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  • 1. Click to edit Master title style1Presented byLiana LiEvansDigitizing : June 2013Helping organizations develop, deployand measure effective digital strategiesLocal Marketing + Social Media =Success for Businesses!6/25/2013

2. 6/25/2013 2 3. -Matt Cutts, Google Senior Spam Engineer(SMX Advanced 5/2013)Mobile Marketing is Just as Important Too!6/25/2013 3 4. 6/25/2013 4 5. of online users count on social mediawhen making a purchase decision.(Source: Nielsen)of consumers who complain aboutproducts on Facebook or Twitter expect aresponse within 1 hour. (Source: American Express)of consumers prefer to get shortupdates from brands via social media.(Source: Vocus)6/25/2013 5 6. of customers expect businesses to beactive in social media. (Source: Vocus)of U.S. social network users prefer toconnect with brands through Facebook.(Source: Vocus)of customers reach out to friends and familymembers on social networking sites foradvice before purchasing products. (Source: Vocus)6/25/2013 6 7. 6/25/2013 7 8. Where The Heck Do I Start6/25/2013 8 9. Because We All Cant Have Grumpy Cats6/25/2013 9 10. You Start By Listening6/25/2013 10 11. People Want to Feel Valuable6/25/2013 11 12. They Want to Be Heard6/25/2013 12 13. Dont Just Jump In!6/25/2013 13 14. Understand Whats Out There6/25/2013 14 15. Social Media World6/25/2013 15 16. Social News (Crowd Sourced Content)6/25/2013 16 17. Social Sharing (Livecasting)6/25/2013 17 18. Social Networking6/25/2013 18 19. Social Bookmarking6/25/2013 19 20. Blogs6/25/2013 20 21. Everything Else Social6/25/2013 21 22. Fish Where the Fish Are6/25/2013 22 23. Know What Your Audience Does6/25/2013 23 24. 6/25/2013 24 25. And You Shouldnt Be!! Focus on 1-3 Areas And Do Them Well Facebook & YouTube Twitter & Pinterest Blog, Instagram & LinkedIn Slideshare, Facebook & PinterestYou Cant Be Everywhere in Social Media6/25/2013 25 26. Provide Value!6/25/2013 26 27. Big Tony Isnt Sexy.. But He Provides Value!6/25/2013 27 28. But.Its Not Just on Twitter or FacebookWhere They Complain!But Remember That 25% That Complain?of consumers who complain aboutproducts on Facebook or Twitter expect aresponse within 1 hour. (Source: American Express)6/25/2013 28 29. Example BHM (Birmingham Airport) &Foursquare!They Complain on Other Social Networks!6/25/2013 29 30. BHM (Birmingham-Shuttlesworth Airport)6/25/2013 30 31. Delta Didnt Deliver..6/25/2013 31 32. The Airlines or The Airport? . The Answer is Both & They Should Workin Conjunction to Fix the Issue! The lesson here is social media happenswhether you are paying attention or not!Who Should Care?6/25/2013 32 33. Social media advertising has the reach of TVwith unprecedented targeting (Experian Digital Marketing Report)Measure & Target What You Do!6/25/2013 33 34. Because Social Isnt Just About Social Anymore6/25/2013 34 35. Local & Mobile Are Forever Entwined6/25/2013 35 36. of Americans have substituted theInternet and local search for phonebooks (comScore)of consumers who search for a type oflocal business on a mobile device call orgo to that business within 24 hours. (GoogleMobile Movement Study, 2011)of searches on a mobile device arefollowed up with an action within onehour (Bing)6/25/2013 36 37. mobile coupons will be redeemed in2013 with an aggregate value of $2.1b(Location Based Marketing Association 2013)of local searches do not occur on searchengines, but on directories and appsof all local searches are performed onmobile devices.6/25/2013 37 38. Opportunities Abound!6/25/2013 38 39. Small Businesses Missing Big OpportunityDont Have Their Phone NumberOn Their Website!6/25/2013 39 40. Claim Your Locations Search Engines Google + for Business Bing Local Claim Your Locations on Social/Mobile Sites Foursquare UrbanSpoon Claim Your Locations on Review Sites Yelp Trip AdvisorStake Your Claim!6/25/2013 40 41. Register Your Site For: Google Webmaster Central Bing Webmaster Central Use the Free Tools Googles Structured Data Tool Linking To Googles Places (Google + for Biz) Author ToolGet Friendly With the Search Engines6/25/2013 41 42. What is Structured DataStructured Data (Schemas/Rich Snippets) & Feeds In laymans terms, think of it as signals to tell search & social sites that utilizeit, what kind of data you are giving them6/25/2013 42 43. Structured Data (Schemas) & Feeds Why Is It Important? When utilized in conjunction with tools like Webmaster Central, Site Maps & SocialData it can send more relevant information to both the search engines and socialsites about the content on your site Why Should You Utilize It? Most Compelling Reason? Google appears to prefer sites that utilize it in theirsearch results. Think about: Recipes TV Shows How To Guides Events Allow Your Content To BePresented In More InteractiveWays6/25/2013 43 44. But How Can I Use Feeds & Structured DataEASILY ? Google Highlighter Tool Easy To Use Point & Click Tool Allows You to Add the Rich Snippets Google Wants Automatically Updates Information Integrates with Google Products - Webmaster Central and Google Analytics Youre sitemaps will have the structured data tags in them Tag 3-5 pages and Google can figure out similar pages automatically Why Utilize It? Its Free! You dont have to be a programmer or know code! Google highlights the structured data in snippets rather than randomly pulling a snippetdescription Google Even Shows You How to Use It6/25/2013 44 45. Small Business Example Using Structured Data6/25/2013 45 46. 6/25/2013 46 47. Google Data Highlighter6/25/2013 47 48. Google Data Highlighter6/25/2013 48 49. Search Results Improve!6/25/2013 49 50. We Decided To Do More!6/25/2013 50 51. Results Are More Interactive6/25/2013 51 52. Google Data Highlighter Google Figures It Out On Its Own Once you tag a page or similar pages, when Googles spiders bring back your data, itfigures out how your structured data has updated, been added or deleted.6/25/2013 52 53. Utilizing Other Structured Data Social Networking Sites If theres content for your social profiles, show it off on your own sites Photos Pinterest, Flickr Reviews Yelp, TripAdvisor Checkins Yelp, Foursquare Videos YouTube, Vemeo Most Social Networking Site Allow You To Promote Your Social Content Think of it as using your feed of stuff from their site, on your own Free API Access Widgets Guess What This Data Is Usually Structured, or Can Be Easily Structured Easily Dont Go Overboard! Beware Duplicate Content! Most of these sites have more clout than you! Only pull enough content to get the point across Utilize it to present your company as an authority & relevant6/25/2013 53 54. Integrate Social Network Content6/25/2013 54 55. Its About User Experience Dont Misuse the Schema Tags Google & Bing are smart, they realize when programmers are manipulating certainstructured data tags If the data isnt relevant, it wont get clicked on, thats a big signal to the search engines Its About Presenting Your Content in the Best Way Possible The more interactive a search result, the more clicks you get The more relevant a search result, the more clicks you get The more authoritative a search result, the more clicks you get Signals to Search Engines Help Them Understand YOU Better Presents your sites content in a more compelling manner to the user When combined with feeds & sitemaps from other sites, it sends signals to the searchengines that you find the other sites content relevant as well Remember it isnt just search any more! Social Networks Mobile Apps6/25/2013 55 56. Dont Try To Be Everything to Everyone Be Valuable to Your Target Audience! Dont Expect to Be Everywhere Concentrate on Where Your Target Audience Is! Stake Your Claim! Verify/Authorize Your Accounts on SocialMedia, Mobile and Search sites that focus on Local Get Your Phone Number & Address on Your Sitein TEXT (images cant be read) Be the 40%!In Summary6/25/2013 56 57. Contact Liana Li Evans, Senior Solutions Consultant Author: Social Media Marketing: Engaging Strategiesfor Facebook, Twitter & Other Social Media6/25/2013 57


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