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  • 1. Social media has changed consumer relationships -how can you take part?
  • 2. Brands that live on or through the internet achieve a hands-on, eyes- on, brain-engaged level of intimacy with consumers that is unparalleled in most of the offline world Next Now: Trends for the Future, Marian Salzman & Ira Matathia
  • 3. Social media: What s the big fuss? Its enormous Broadening Demographic Everyday routine
  • 4. INFORMATION ENTERTAINMENT Bringing External World in My World Facing Out CONNECTION/ SELF-EXPRESSION COMMUNITY Source: Context Matters, Microsoft Advertising, UK, FR, DE, NO, CA, BR Sample = 600 16-54 year olds per country. Total global sample = 3,600 respondents
  • 5. Sharing and Interaction 1. Content 2. Opinions What is Social Media ? 3. Insights 4. Photos
  • 6. Is this a new phenomenon? If I think about it I have a standard routine. I always start with reading my mail; then its Built around communities time for Facebook; I catch up with the news for the day; read funny stories; Its an individuals online neighbourhood and on my way throughfor Personalisation every point I get Offers the opportunity distracted by new pages, advertising and pages that I get recommended. Female, Norway
  • 7. So many sites too little time Where is your audience?
  • 8. My social media life
  • 9. My social media life
  • 10. Focus Groups Focus Groups Customer Research Beta Testing Diary Studies Secondary Research Competitive Research Competitive Research Talking to Partners Talking to Partners Discussing with Influencers Discussing with Influencers Positioning & Messaging research Positioning & Messaging research Everything starts with the Campaign Testing Campaign Testing consumer And much more.....
  • 11. A single destination for all 1 digital communication, sharing and storage needs across devices Extends beyond social 2 sharing and social media because digital activity can be centred into one place Windows Live enables 3 advertisers to have an impact on their key audience at the point of influence
  • 12. Does the personal nature of online restrict traditional, display advertising?
  • 13. Brands can have a presence at the point of influence Half of 18-24s have reviewed/offered opinions about products or services online One in three 18-24s discuss things they are thinking of buying via IM and mobile Online is the point of influence, not just point of purchase 20% of 18-24s share/send links on products in their social network Media opportunity, but wider marketing implications of listening to discussion Source: Young Adults Revealed, Synovate and Microsoft Advertising, 2008.
  • 14. Brands can extend sel expression Youths in particular use personal brand associations to reinforce online persona Extend branded messages into entertaining content e.g. games/avatars Can you allow for personalisation? 23% have added branded content to their personal profile, blog or homepage in the last month Source: Young Adults Revealed, Synovate and Microsoft Advertising, 2008.
  • 15. 10 tips for a successful relationship in this intimate online environment! 1. Show love 2. Dont nag 3. Respect your partner 4. Resolve fights 5. Communicate 6. Be faithful 7. Compromise 8. Take a break 9. Treat & surprise 10. Do not underestimate Source:
  • 16. The intimacy of online Social Media is a personal and connected experience for consumers Opportunity for brands to become inter-twined into the fabric of peoples everyday online lives is immense Aligning to interests/ communities and facilitating discoverability Extending into branded content to encourage content as comms Being present at the points of influence
  • 17. PLAY DEMO Windows Live designed to simplify life for the social web user